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Friday, November 11, 2005
More Stubbs The Zombie Reviews
7:40 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Mac Version of Wideload Games and Aspyr Media's Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse has hit Final Candidate and the reviews continue to claw their way into the light. Two of the latest are from Adrenaline Vault and IGN.

From Adrenaline Vault:

The people of Punchbowl, the 1950’s-era-with-a-future-feel town, of course are taken by surprise and don’t do much to defend themselves from the soon to be army of undead, because like all great zombies, once they get a bite off you are quick to join the horde. Plot is never the most important part of a zombie flick, which is really what this feels more akin to versus a zombie game, and the only instruction you have really received is that of shear nature… you need to eat!
From IGN:
And the game looks surprisingly good for a port, with detailed character models and lots of action onscreen sometimes, although the environments feel a little bare, and there's little interactivity. You won't be able to break windows or other objects, or do visible damage to walls or vehicles. But man does this game get chunky. Blood splatters all over the place (green for zombies, red for humans), limbs and heads get torn off, legless zombies drag themselves across the ground, and skullcaps get removed left and right. People also scream and wail horribly, begging you to stop as you sink your teeth into their gray matter, and whining as they run around with one arm and a blood-spraying stub. Sound in general is pretty good, mostly consisting of dialogue, screaming, grunting, and gunshots. You'll hear announcements in pitch-perfect 50s delivery, and the voice acting is pretty humorous all around. There are some outlandish and startling scenes as well, with break-dancing generals, sexually predatory robots, and rural gunslingers with a taste for Commie blood. The cutscenes are almost all engaging, which is great because the actual gameplay can get repetitive.
Stubb's undead charms earned 3.5 stars from Adrenaline Vault and a mostly positive review from IGN as well. To read both reviews check out the links following this brief.

Adrenaline Vault: Stubbs Review
IGN: Stubbs Review
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Stubbs the Zombie
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