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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

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Civ IV Interview - Fan Turned Employee
7:12 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Apolyton Civilization Site has posted an interesting interview with Bob "Sirian" Thomas. Probably best known for creating and maintaining one of the best Civilization III fansites up on the net, Thomas' site was so well-regarded that it landed him a job with Firaxis working on Civilization IV.

The bulk of the interview focuses on Thomas' history with games and writing, starting with his Atari 2600 days and discussing his fan activities concerning Civ III:

I have been around internet gaming since its outset. I founded gaming leagues and ran them. I collaborated with other determined players to craft better and stronger gaming groups. I played a variety of games, both single and multiplayer. Doing any of these things on the net requires a website. I was not initially good at building a site or maintaining one (some may say I'm still not!) but I picked up bits of experience here or there. Eventually, my urge to write burst out and spilled on to the net.
Civ IV was recently announced as a forthcoming title by Aspyr, who also intends on bringing Civilization III: Complete to the Mac. Civ III: Comp will see release in December, while Civ IV is slated for sometime early next year.

Apolyton - Bob Sirian Thomas Interview
Civilization IV
Civilization III: Complete
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