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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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X3: Reunion Developments
7:55 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

X3: Reunion the sequel to the innovative space game, X2: The Threat has prompted three gaming websites to post their own developments on the EgoSoft's upcoming game. The first, a developer diary from Gamespot discusses last minute touchups and beta testing. Next, IGN got their hands on an early preview release of X3: Reunion and examined the game's components. The last, but not the least, GameSpy has posted a Q&A with Greg Klingston explores new additions to the game and expansion into the console arena.

Here's a clip from the Gamespot Developer Diary:

GK: Good communication is vital at this stage, where the publisher deadline for the gold master suddenly becomes more real and seems to get a lot closer every day. X3 has to be such a complex game to make it so open-ended for the player. There are seemingly an infinite number of possibilities or scenarios that the player can create, and they all need to be tested. This includes basic tasks, such as ensuring a certain ship can dock at a certain station. Now multiply the number of ships by the number of stations, and the task is increased. Now add in the fact that there are several different races owning the ships and stations, and the task multiplies again. Some ships may be able to trade the goods in those factories, while others may not. The possibilities increase again!
Originally developed by EgoSoft, X2: The Threat was ported to the Macintosh by Virtual Programming. Since its release, the game has been patched and a demo has been released. Please follow the links below to read the articles and to learn more information.

Gamespot: Developer Diary
IGN: Preview
GameSpy: Interview
Virtual Programming
X2 - The Threat
Buy X2 - The Threat

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