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Monday, September 12, 2005

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Dual Stubbs Previews
8:03 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

As Stubbs The Zombie ambles ever closer to release more previews appear from the shadows to entice with tales of undead gameplay. Today we have two more previews, one from GamesRadar and another from ActionTrip. In addition, both reviews are accompanied by ghoulish new screenshots.

From the GamesRadar preview:

The setting takes some explaining. Stubbs isn't just a failed salesman, he's a salesman who failed during the Great Depression.

His resulting death left him buried in the dust of a Pennsylvania field, and saddled him with all the bitter desperation of The Grapes of Wrath and Glengarry Glen Ross combined.

His miserable grave is disturbed, however, when 25 years later a local entrepreneur builds a city of the future on top of it, all flying cars and '50s optimism. Stubbs awakes, and two key moments in American capitalist history collide in a frenzy of brain-eating and limb-wrenching.

Sound serious? It isn't at all. The game draws on its real-world inspiration with gentle affection and the result is funny and fresh, and that deftness carries on into the gameplay.

From the ActionTrip preview:
The stage is set for Wideload’s 3rd person action game. The curtains have been pulled and what ensues is a lot of George Romero-esque screaming, graphic, yet inherently offbeat violence, and some really funny encounters between the living and the zombies. First thing you got to know about Stubbs the Zombie is that the game features some really expressive voice acting and a killer soundtrack of upbeat-sounding 50s tunes, performed by contemporary artists, to which Stubbs is performing his killing and brain-eating. That alone gives the game plenty of personality – I was always a big fan of scenes where cheerful tunes (like, um, “Singing in the Rain”) are accompanied by images of excessive violence. The soundtrack includes performances by Ben Kweller, The Raveonettes performing My Boyfriend's Back, and Cake doing a take on Strangers in the Night. Other performers include: Rogue Wave (Everyday), Death Cab for Cutie (Earth Angel), The Dandy Warhols (All I Have to Do Is Dream), Oranger (Mr. Sandman), The Walkmen (There Goes My Baby), The Flaming Lips (If I Only Had a Brain), Clem Snide (Tears on My Pillow), Rose Hill Drive (Shakin' All Over), Milton Mapes (Lonesome Town), and Phantom Planet doing The Living Dead. All of these songs you are probably familiar with, except for the last one, The Living Dead, which is an original tune.
Wideload Games and Aspyr Media plan to bring this title to a computer near you this October. To check out all the zombified goodness follow the links below.

Action Trip: Stubbs Review
Games Radar: Stubbs Preview
Aspyr Media
Stubbs the Zombie
Buy Stubbs the Zombie

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