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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

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Blades Of Avernum Scenario Contest Winners
8:46 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software has announced the winners of their Blades Of Avernum Scenario Design Contest. Blades Of Avernum allows users to create their own RPG modules in the style of the award winning Avernum series. Kelandon took both first and third place for the modules Bahssikava and Lord Putidus. Terror's Martyr placed second with Mad Ambition.

More on why the modules were chosen:

First Place - Bahssikava, by Kelandon

After a bit of play, it turned out that picking the winner was not that difficult. Bahssikava had excellently written dialogue and cutscenes, incredible detail, and was technically superb. It fit in well with the Avernum game setting, and was a lot of fun. Well done.

Second Place - Mad Ambition, by Terror's Martyr

Terror's Martyr is a genuinely accomplished coder for the Blades of Avernum engine. His scenarios always stretch the engine to its limits, with intricate cutscenes, interesting town layouts, and tricky and unpredictable characters. Of his scenarios, this is the one we enjoyed the most.

Third Place - Lord Putidus, by Kelandon

When judging scenarios, we tried to be author-blind. That is, we looked at the scenario on its own, without thinking about who wrote it. And if that meant all 3 winners were the same person, that was it.

Kelandon's scenarios have been excellent, and while Lord Putidus is small, its plotting was very good and it had a really nice, creepy atmosphere. When I placed in the scenario engine the ability to take spells away from players, I knew this power could be used very well or very poorly. Once glitches were fixed, this is a case where this was used very well.

Kelandon won a total of $700 for the winning entries. Terror's Martyr received $300. Those in 4th through 10th place won a free copy of a Spiderweb game. To read more about all the finalists and download their modules follow the links below.

Contest Results
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Spiderweb Software
Blades of Avernum

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