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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

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Uwe Boll Interview
8:46 AM | Anthony Wang | 3 comments

1UP recently interviewed Uwe Boll, the infamous film director of game to film adaptation movies such as Alone in the Dark. In this interview, Uwe Boll talks about his latest projects, the Dungeon Seige and BloodRayne movies. In addition, he discusses other film deals, gaming, and responds to crititism from fans. Below is a selected excerpt from the article.

1UP: Why Dungeon Siege as your next project?

Uwe Boll: Because let's say after House of the Dead I was not convinced that I should stay the whole time with horror movies so I don't want to make one horror movie after that, House of the Dead was one and Alone in the Dark was more sci-fi/action thriller, BloodRayne is a vampire movie, kind of an epic vampire movie, and to do something else more fantasy epic, I thought it would be quite interesting. A lot of people are making the mistake to say these video game based movies are all horror, but...

Please follow the links below to view the entire interview or to learn more information.

1UP: Uwe Boll - Man, Myth, Legend
Dungeon Siege
Buy Dungeon Siege

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