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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Interview with Andy Keane of AGEIA
7:32 AM | John Telthorst | 6 comments has posted an Interview with AGEIA's Andy Keane. AGEIA is developing a Physics Processing Unit, or PPU, called PhysX. The interview covers technical specifications of the PPU card, the interface, several examples of PhysX in action, and more:

Techgage: Due to current limitations of even the highest end CPU's, they cannot handle the extreme physics in the demos you've showcased. With the introduction of Dual Core CPU's, is there now less of a need for PPU?

Andy Keane: No. In fact, there is a great benefit to pairing Dual Core CPUs with a PhysX processor. Even if you use the full bandwidth of the Dual Core processors, games can only display about 1,000 rigid bodies. The PhysX processor will handle up to 32,000.

PhysX is an exciting development for computer gaming, but particularly the Mac platform. Apsyr is one of AGEIA's featured partners and it has been announced that a Mac software development kit will be released. Both are great news for Mac Gamers. With AGEIA's Mac supportive stance, in contrast to Havok, the success of PhysX would likely lead to an increase in the number of games ported to the Macintosh platform. Head over to for the full interview.

Interview with Andy Keane of AGEIA

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