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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Postal 1 Now Available, America's Army Status
9:29 AM | Anthony Wang | 9 comments

Ryan Gordon of Epic Games has announced that Postal, the prequel to Postal 2: Share the Pain, has been succesfully ported to Mac OS X. Originally released for the PC back in 1997, the game stirred quite a bit of controversey and was deemed very violent by some in the industry. Both games were developed by Running With Scissors. Currently, Postal is only available through the purchase of a special edition of the MacWorld magazine which went on sale on July 26, 2005.

Running With Scissors, myself, and the MacNinjas spent some time moving the original Postal to MacOS X. If you want it, the complete game is on the MacWorld "Total Tiger" disc, which hits newstands today, July 26th. Make sure you get the right magazine, since this is a special edition of MacWorld and not the usual issue.

This is currently the only place you can get a real MacOS X version of Postal 1, and it's the full single-player game, not a demo, so don't miss it!

In other news, Gordon hints that the Mac version of America's Army 2.4 is still on the way, despite the fact that it was released for the PC over three months ago. Gordon simply states, "Yeah, yeah, it's coming..."

Ryan Gordon: Postal 1 Available
Running With Scissors
Postal 2
Buy Postal 2

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Archives  News  Postal 1 Now Available, America's Army Status