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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Civilization IV Q&A Posted
10:26 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story has posted a question and answer session for Civilization IV. The Q&A covers the additions and the changes from Civilization III. Of particular note are the changes to the combat system. Certain units will gain experience and "level up" after seeing combat multiple times.

Si: Regarding attacks and defenses. Will attacks from an open field to forests or from one side of the river to another result in combat bonuses, penalties? I presume this is still the case but anyway has this been changed in any way in Civilization 4?

2k Games: There are defensive bonuses for certain types of as we have had previously. One interesting difference is that you don’t automatically get the fortify bonus the first turn. Instead, the unit needs to stay fortified to slowly build up its defenses.

Si: How will the city management work now? City boundaries work different in Civilization 4?

2k Games: Another failure state we have eliminated is the “people are revolting” problem. Instead, you will find that cities that are really mad will slow down or even stop production until you deal with the problem. Also, we are trying for a WYSIWYG approach with cities in which you will be able to see what is going on and what has been built from the main map view without having to open the city. People that like to micro-manage can still open the city and “get under the hood” a bit, but it won’t be necessary for more casual city builders.

To view the complete Q&A, scroll down to the links section.

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Civilization IV Q&A

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