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Monday, June 13, 2005
Phoronix Interviews Ryan Gordon
9:57 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Reviews site Phoronix has posted an interview with Ryan Gordon. Responsible for a number of Linux and Mac ports, Gordon has also worked on countless open source projects as a system admin and a hoster. Most Mac gamers recognize his work on titles such as the Unreal Tournament series and America's Army.

The interview is fairly broad in scope, covering topics such as Gordon's training in computer programming:

Considering that even undergraduate Computer Science sucks pretty badly in most colleges, I'll tell you what I tell everyone: teach yourself. The internet has abundant quantities of information that is directly applicable, tools everywhere, entire books of theory and practical application, and examples of code from the best programmers on the planet...all for free.
Gordon also discusses his work practices, stressing an importance on building communities. He also talks about PhysicsFS, one of his favorite projects. Other topics discussed include his thoughts on Linux distribution systems, America's Army releases, and

Phoronix - An Interview with Ryan C. Gordon (Icculus)

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Archives  News  Phoronix Interviews Ryan Gordon