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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

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Unreal Engine History
10:43 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

BeyondUnreal has posted the first part of a four-part series taking a look at the history of the Unreal Engine. An engine that has carried a multitude of titles, including the famed Unreal series, Part 1 takes a look at the engine in its first public incarnation, including the features that made it so popular:

Probably the biggest draw to Unreal was the ability to mod it. Tim Sweeney (Founder of Epic) wrote a simple scripting engine into the game called UnrealScript. The modders went to work. Within months of the release of Unreal, several interesting mods had been announced and released. Suddenly, RealCTF brought the classic Capture the Flag gametype to Unreal. With speed, several other mods made their way on to the scene. A “top down” mod, Unloaded, changed the whole POV of the game. Real weapons mods like Serpentine and Infiltration were released and it seemed the train would never slow down.
Plenty of offshoots are also mentioned, including Klingon Honor Guard and Wheel of Time. Also mentioned is the venerable Unreal Tournament, which became a staple in the online FPS community for many years.

BeyondUnreal - History of Unreal Article - Part 1
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