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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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Steve Polge on Unreal Tournament 2007
8:10 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Beyond Unreal has posted an E3 interview with Unreal Tournament 2007 designer Steve Polge. The interview, given as Steve was demonstrating the new game at the annual video game industry mega-show, talks about the new physics engine, new vehicles, and more.

One of the more interesting aspects of UT2007 is a new game mode, called Conquest:

Conquest is Onslaught meets Assault, with the addition of optional missions. Basically, the idea is that there is a larger scale campaign with a battlefield situation back and forth. [Steve stops and blows up a Manta] And along the way you will have these optional missions that you can choose to do or not to do, but that can effect the outcome. For example, if you take out the command center then it will affect their ability to send stuff or maybe even take out an enemy bridge that keeps them from bringing their big weapons over. With the advantage of our seamless streaming technology the campaigns will be a much larger scale than Onslaught. Rather than having a single mission or objective it will feel like a campaign where the battlefield will move back and forth across multiple levels completely seamlessly. One of the things we think that make Unreal Tournament what it is is that you have very intense situations and you are never out of combat for very long. The actual battlefield or frontline where you'll be fighting at any time will be a relatively small area where everybody is focused and fighting together.
While UT2007 has yet to be officially announced for the Macintosh, the Unreal Engine 3 that it is based on is being ported to the Mac. Time will tell. Head over to Beyond Unreal to read the rest of the interview, and stick with IMG for further announcements on this exciting title.

BeyondUnreal's E3 interview with Steve Polge
Unreal Tournament 3
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