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Monday, May 23, 2005
ChronicLogic Updates Triptych
8:45 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Triptych, a block-dropping puzzle title by ChronicLogic, has recently been bumped up to version 1.17. This version marks the first release of an OS X version of this title, and includes Ultra Mode in the new demo, which includes special blocks for more scoring opportunities.

Triptych uses a color scheme approach, where players must match up falling blocks of the same color in order to destroy them and score points.

Maneuver and rotate blocks as they fall so that 3 or more of a color are adjacent to each other. By achieving this, the blocks will be destroyed and the player will collect points. As blocks are destroyed, connected blocks are freed to move independently and blocks above will fall to fill the empty spaces.
The twist is that the blocks work under a physics engine, and will tilt, roll, and fall less neatly than most puzzle games.

Demos for several platforms are downloadable from ChronicLogic's site. The OS X demo is sized at 2.3 MB.

ChronicLogic - Triptych
ChronicLogic Forums - Chronic Logic releases Triptych version 1.17 for OSX, Windows and Linux.

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