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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Interview with Civilization IV Producer
8:01 AM | Jesse Brauning | Comment on this story

Civilization is one of the longest running series in computer gaming and IGN has managed to get some questions answered about the newest game in the series, Civilization 4. Developed by Firaxis, Civilization 4 promises to follow closely in the footsteps of its predecessor, retaining the scope and premise of previous games. The difference, says senior producer Barry Caudill, is "how we make the journey". The games hopes to dramatically improve upon the Civilization franchise in terms of visuals and many aspects of gameplay. Here's some sneak peaks straight from the article:


As with Sid Meier's Pirates!, we are using the Gamebryo engine and that allows us to really open up the visuals in Civilization 4. One of our main goals was to really bring the world to life... We are also shooting for a WYSIWYG approach where you will know what city a wonder is in because you can see it in the world, along with many other aspects previously relegated to menus and screens.
We will definitely have the usual major powers like France, Germany, England, America, China, Japan, etc. We will also be including many Civs that are either new or usually saved for expansions like the Incas or the Aztecs or the totally new Mali. In all there will be 18 Civs in the shipped version of Civilization 4.
We no longer have static eras so it's more like versions of Civilization prior to Civilization 3 in that respect.
There are no set governments anymore. In Civilization 4, you can choose from various civics and combine them to make the type of government you want.
We will not be including any espionage options that are terrorism related.
Victory Conditions:
Of course, we have the usual Domination, Conquest, Diplomatic, and Space Race victories. We have also tweaked the Cultural victory to make it more exciting and interesting. Finally, we have added a new one: Alliance victory in which you can share the win with a partner.
Multiplayer Options:
Players will be able to compete in traditional turn-based or simultaneous move games either on a network or via the Internet. We will be using Gamespy for Internet matchmaking. Other options include Hot Seat, Play by Email, and a persistent turn server we call Pitboss.
Well, there you have it. This is just a first look, so there will be more news in the future, and you can be sure we'll have it here on Inside Mac Games. Keep checking in. In the meantime, follow the link below to the preview on IGN.

Firaxis Games
IGN Civilization 4 First Look

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