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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
First Look at UT 2007
9:34 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Gamespot has posted a two-page preview of the upcoming staple in the Unreal Tournament series: Unreal Tournament 2007. The preview covers Epic's plans for a new game mode:

Onslaught is currently planned to make its triumphant return as it was in UT 2004, but the two modes will also be the proud parents of an all-new gameplay type: conquest. "Assault is the kind of thing we want to be bringing into conquest...a mix of [Unreal 2's] XMP, assault, and onslaught."
and their plans for the upcoming weapons:
While the final status of all weapons isn't confirmed (Epic is still going over the list of weapons that may or may not make the cut), Capps said in no uncertain terms, "We can't ship the game without a flak cannon."
and their plans for vehicles:
When we asked about the plan for vehicles in UT 2007, the answer we got was, "more, bigger, more." Yes, if all you want is a re-creation of ONS-Torlan, the now-famous multiplayer level featured in the UT 2004 demo, with that same environment and with those same vehicles, you'll be able to make that happen in UT 2007 using the game's modification tools, which we'll touch on later. But while UT 2004 featured vehicles created by the militaristic Axon Research Corporation (which largely ended up resembling futuristic Earth vehicles, such as tanks and buggies, as well as a few sci-vehicles like the manta hovercraft), the new game will feature an all-new line of vehicles from the Necris race--the pale-faced humanoid warriors who have been a part of the UT series since 1999.
To view the complete preview, visit the links section.

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