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Friday, April 22, 2005
ControllerMate Released
7:13 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Orderedbytes has released a new shareware utility called ControllerMate for gamers that allows users to use your joystick, gamepad, or trackball to perform any function that would normally require a keyboard. The utility features an easy to use graphical interface that is used to assign keyboard function to any gaming controller.

Here's more from the press release:

ControllerMate takes a new approach to programming keyboard actions onto HID game controllers. Using a highly graphical interface and drag-and-drop editing, users can easily program complex keyboard sequences onto the buttons of joysticks, gamepads, trackballs and more. Visual feedback is provided to immediately test keyboard actions as they are being constructed.

ControllerMate, enables you to:

Generate any amount of text with a single press of a joystick button
Simulate individual key-up and key-down events for any key on a keyboard
Mix and match text and individual key events as needed
Assign modifiers to joystick buttons to create button combinations
Enable and disable entire groups of functions to quickly change your joystick's programming
Automatically enable and disable groups based on the currently running applications

Using ControllerMate's graphical interface, creating and editing assignments for your joystick buttons couldn't be easier. Features that make ControllerMate easy to use include:

Drag-and-drop interface for combining buttons with keyboard actions
Visual feedback shows you exactly what your joystick buttons are doing
ControllerMate captures text produced by your joystick buttons to verify that their programming is correct
Unlimited levels of undo/redo
Extensive help pages containing examples to assist you in getting started

To download ControllerMate v1, be sure to head over to
ControllerMate 1.0

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