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Friday, April 22, 2005

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Black & White 2 Fan Mail
7:13 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Lionhead Studios has posted a question and answer session based on letters it has received in regards to its under-development sequel, Black and White 2. The questions deal with potential new features in Black and White 2, the release date (or lack-there-of), and the existence of the devil.

Here's what Lionhead had to say when asked about whether villagers would be good or evil depending on your god's alignment:

Hi there Frank. Definitely an interesting question and several people have asked it. If you’re an evil God then – indeed – your tribe will reflect your alignment. Their clothing, actions and reactions will change depending on your alignment. This is not the only thing that will change of course; the land, the creature, the buildings, your hand, and many other things will be influenced by it. Alignment doesn’t have an influence over your fields – what you mean is fertility: certain locations in Eden are better to grow certain crops then others.
Though not officially announced for the Macintosh, UK publisher Feral Interactive has expressed interest in bringing the long in-development sequel to our platform. Stay with IMG for all the latest information on this game.

The Black & White 2 Mailbag
Black & White II
Lionhead Studios

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