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Thursday, April 7, 2005

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Frag.Ops UT2004 Mod Updated
9:00 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Macologist has posted information about a new version of the semi-realism mod for UT2004, Frag.Ops. This release brings the modification to version 2.16.

Highlights include the addition of two new maps including Serenissima and Lost Village. Currently Mac downloads available include a manual zip of the full installation as well as the 2.15-2.16 patch.
Other changes include:
- Friendly players will no longer be killed by slow moving vehicles in games where FF is on
- Copter pilot will be much harder to kill with rockets now. This is not the same as shooting down a helicopter with rockets, it is when the pilot dies from a rocket blast but the helicopter survives.
- Made helicopters a bit easier to control
- Fixed Stryker and Jeep passengers "lagging behind" the vehicle
- Improved player model location updates when controlling turrets (eliminates the movement "skipping")
- Added optional high detail weapon skins with specular maps
Head over to the Macologist website to download the mod, an updater for version 2.15, and the Macintosh launcher application.

Frag.Ops (UT2004) v2.16 Released
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