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Monday, March 28, 2005
Apple Seeks OpenGL Engineers
8:57 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Apple has revealed it is seeking programmers to improve Mac OS X's OpenGL implementation. An entry at the Apple jobs mailing list dated March 24th is looking for:

"a diverse set of talented engineers who would like to be a part of the fast paced world of 3D graphics. Apply your skills to help make Mac OS X the best OpenGL implementation in the industry."
Responsibilities for any potential candidates will include working with:
- OpenGL extensions
- Software renderer
- Automation test tools
- Developer tools
- OpenGL ARB specifications
- Maintainance and bug fixes
- Work with chip venders
- OS integration
- Developer support
The last comment will hopefully mean that Apple will be shortening the time it takes for new OpenGL changes to be implemented for new Mac games. Often game developers on the Mac work with Apple to include advanced graphical features in new games. A good example is Doom 3, where the latest version of OS X is required purely because new OpenGL features have been added in this OS update.

This latest round of job openings at Apple is a good sign for the Mac gaming industry. Graphics driver updates are integrated into OS X, which means Apple has to work closely with ATI, nVIDIA and game developers to ensure that the latest games run fast and with all the latest technologies available.

To read the full job listing, click the link below.

OpenGL Engineering Postitions Available
Buy DOOM 3

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