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Monday, March 21, 2005

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More WoW Server Transfers
10:13 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blizzard has recently opened more servers for those waiting for the opportunity to transfer their characters to less crowded realms. The current list of servers eligibile for transfer as well as their allowed destinations are as follows:

We have opened transfers for two more realms today. The two new realms are Blackrock to Daggerspine, and Stormreaver to Stormscale. That brings the current total characters transfers running to: Arthas to Nathrezim, Warsong to Bonechewer, Bleeding Hollow to Crushridge, Illidan to Stonemaul, Blackrock to Daggerspine, and Stormreaver to Stormscale.
Players interested in server transfers are also encouraged to read Blizzard's FAQ on the subject, which makes points such as the transfers being one-way, as well as their consideration of giving players the option of moving to a server of their choice sometime in the future.

In related news, Blizzard has reiterated their harassment policy concerning the posting of the personal information of other players on the forums or in game. They stress that offenders will be given one warning, and note that bans have already been issued for those who did not heed the warning.

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