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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Freeverse Announces Kill Monty
9:31 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Freeverse has announced Kill Monty, a fast-paced arcade shooter in the tradition of classic arcade game such as Smash TV. The game's premise is pretty simple: shoot anything that moves. A free demo version is available for download. The full version, once registered for $12.95, unlocks more levels and weapons such as the flame thrower.

Here's more from the press release:

In the tradition of such extinction-level events as Asteroid Impacts, Super-Novas, and Ashlee Simpson Christmas Albums, Freeverse proudly announces Kill Monty, the game that spanks your adrenal gland and makes you call it "Papi".

With multiple levels of non-stop shooting and bucket after bucket of red food-coloring, (we have our family-friendly image to maintain after all), Kill Monty is the perfect quick gaming fix. It's also quite a bargain, priced at only $12.95

The Story features exactly two words, so it won't over-tax your higher brain function, or be an impediment to our literacy-challenged customers. (SimStapler High Scorers take note)

After you've tried the demo and purchase the game, you'll get access to the Flamethrower which throws flames and the Railgun which guns rails... or something. Anyway, its supercool and its only for the Mac!

To download the Kill Monty demo, head over to

Kill Monty
MGF: Kill Monty 1.0.1

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Archives  News  Freeverse Announces Kill Monty