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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

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Quick DOOM 3 Add-on Preview
7:40 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Computer gaming site FiringSquad has posted a preview of the upcoming PC expansion for Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil.

The short preview talks briefly about the storyline for the expansion, the new weapons and creatures, and a new element of the game: the artifact. The artifact is demonic, and is something that Dr. Betruger want's in his hands very badly. When you gain the artifact, you will be able to collect powers to use during the game.

The artifact gains power in two ways. First, it needs an ability to use. These are gained by defeating the three special Hunters (read: boss characters) Bertruger sends after you. The first ability is Hell Time, not unlike bullet time from Max Payne. The next Hunter, once defeated, gives berserker rage, and the last gives invulnerability. Obviously these abilities are time-limited, but the artifact also needs to be recharged by grabbing the souls from corpses. In an interesting twist, id doesn't force the player to choose which ability is used - all available powers are activated when the artifact is turned on.
While the expansion has not been announced for the Macintosh, we can only hope that Aspyr is hard at work on it right now. Head over to FiringSquad's website to read the full preview and check out some new screenshots of the expansion, and stay with IMG for further Doom 3 news.

FiringSquad - Doom III: Resurrection of Evil Preview
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