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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

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Pitchford Talks Brothers in Arms
8:16 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Swiss gaming site GBase has posted a question and answer session with Brother in Arms executive producer Randy Pitchford. This intense, realistic World War II squad-based shooter is currently in development with Gearbox Software and Ubisoft for the PC, Playstation 2, and Xbox.

The article covers many aspects of the game from game design to the realism involved to the technology behind it. It also includes some nice screenshots from the game.

Randy had this to say when asked about what has influenced Brother in Arms:

This game is influenced by real life.

We`ve walked the battlefields.

We`ve been taken on real military exercizes [sic] and trained in squad tactics, hand signals and combat operations by a US Army Colonel.

Weve been to every museum on the planet, ready every reference on the subject and dug the history out of archives and eyewitnesses in order to retell this story with authenticity and authority.

There has been no formal announcement from either Gearbox or Ubisoft about whether or not Brother in Arms will be coming to the Macintosh, but, in a chat session last December, Randy stated that a Mac version would be very likely. Stay with IMG for further announcements about the future of this title on the Macintosh.

Note: The navigation for is in German, but the article is in English.

GBase - Brothers in Arms Q&A Special
News: Brothers in Arms a Mac Possibility?
Brothers in Arms

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