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Friday, January 28, 2005

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Epic Talks Unreal Mod Contest
7:41 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Online gaming site HomeLAN Fed has posted an interview with Epic Games programmer Steve Polge and vice president Mark Rein about their reactions to the recently completed Make Something Unreal contest. Seven Unreal mods and five films walked away with awards, with the grand prize winners being Red Orchestra winning for best MOD, and The Journey winning for best movie.

Steve had this to say about what Epic has learned from the contest to make MOD creation easier for users:

We've always run a mailing list for mod authors, and made a lot of improvements to mod support via patches based on feedback. In addition, we've been building a list of more significant improvements we'll make for future titles. The mod contest was also very useful, because a lot of times, when we were installing or playing mods, we'd see first hand the issues that the mod authors had needed to work around in UT2004, and as a result we learned a lot about how to improve mod support in the future.
Head over to HomeLAN Fed's website for the full interview, and check out the official Make Something Unreal Contest page to download the winning mods and films.

HomeLAN Fed: Make Something Unreal Interview
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