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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Sigma Chess HIARCS Released
8:22 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Sigma Gameware and the team at HIARCS have announced the official release of Sigma Chess HIARCS 9.6 for the Mac. A collaboration utilizing the GUI interface from Sigma Chess and the HIARCS chess engine, Sigma Chess HIARCS is touted to be the strongest chess game created for the Mac, clocking in with a rating of 2750+ ELO in the full version.

Some of the game's features are as follows:

  • Suitable for all players from absolute beginners to World Chess Championship strength (1250 Elo 2750+ Elo!).
  • Can play at any chess strength you set in Elo offering a challenging learning experience for all players*.
  • Monitors your play and measures your progress in Elo including Elo history graph and statistics.
  • Endgame database support of Nalimov tablebases up to 6 pieces for perfect play in the endgame*.
  • Unlimited levels and time controls including Casual, Blitz, Active, Fischer and Tournament.
  • Tournament book with the latest theory, invaluable for opening study and preparation at all levels.
  • Macintosh HIARCS supports the Universal Chess Interface.
There are several versions available, including Lite, Standard, and Pro versions. The Lite version is available as a free download, and can be registered to be accessed as the Standard version.

Sigma Chess

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