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Friday, January 14, 2005

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Wolfpack Launches 'Wrath' Shadowbane Server
7:52 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Ubi Soft and Wolfpack Studios have announced that their new Shadowbane world, Wrath, is coming online. This is the first new Shadowbane world to come online since Damnation and Entropy last year.

The new server will be using the new rules set from the recently announced Throne of Oblivion expansion. There are some new rules that are directly related to the new server coming online:

Curiosity and debate have raged in the community over the ruleset for the new server. First and foremost, Wrath will exist as a "clean" server: we will not allow any migration to it. In compensation for the fresh start, Wrath will offer accelerated Structure and Hireling upgrade times that mirror rates on the Test Server.  Furthermore, the server will have a slight, permanent experience bonus, leading to faster leveling.  Wrath will otherwise follow the same guidelines and principles as the other North American production servers.
Head over to Ubi Soft's website for more information on the new Wrath world for Shadowbane.

Shadowbane: Wrath Cometh!
Wolfpack Studios

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