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Thursday, January 13, 2005

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X-Plane 8 Creator Interviewed
8:25 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Website Experience Gaming has posted an interview with Laminar Research head Austin Meyer about the upcoming update to the X-Plane series, X-Plane 8. In the interview, Austin talks about some of the new features in X-Plane 8, as well as some of his personal favorite parts of the game.

Austin had this to say about the people who use X-Plane:

Most X-Plane customers are pilots, or people who want a simulator that has a level of realism that is appropriate for pilots. Some airline pilots take X-Plane with them on their (real) overseas flights on their laptop computers and simulate the flight back to America while on their layover at hotels in Europe. Many airline and freight pilots keep their currency up on X-Plane to breeze through their bi-annual flight-currency-checks. Countless private pilots use X-Plane to help keep up their currency when time and money constraints keep them from making it out to the airport as often as they would like. I have gotten a handful of orders from the D.O.D, the C.I.A. and Microsoft.

But the majority of the X-Plane customers, I think, are simply people who want to experience the joy of flight, and their personal computer with a copy of X-Plane is an awfully fun, easy, (and safe!) way to do it.

Head over to Experience Gaming for the full interview, and stay with IMG for further information on the development of the X-Plane series.

Experience Gaming - X-Plane 8 Interview
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