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Monday, December 13, 2004

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Macologist Interviews Postal Creator
7:40 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

The Macologist has posted an interview with Vince Desi, CEO of Running With Scissors, the company behind the controversial Postal series of games. The interview covers many points about the game series' history and the Vince's opinion on Apple blocking Postal 2 from being sold in its retail stores. Vince also defends Postal from some of the criticism that has been levied at it from gaming and regular press and even explores topics they won't pursue.

Here's a section from the interview:

The town's descent into an overall riot after the final objective is really telling, not to mention all of the potshots taken at nearly every group. I'm curious which ideas didn't make it into the game?

Thereís lot of stuff that didnít make it in. Mostly because of time limitations and tech restrictions.

The only area or subject matter we consider to be off limits is children. I donít see the need or the humor in using children in M rated entertainment, and that goes for Film, Music, etc. Thereís no place in what we do for kids. Running With Scissors makes entertainment for mature audiences. I kinda feel like Bill Cosby, I donít see the need to use vulgarity in comedy, and comic software is what we do.

To check out the full interview head over to the link below.

Interview With Vince Desi
Postal 2
Buy Postal 2

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