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Thursday, December 9, 2004
Ryan Gordon Speaks Out On GameSpy Mess
8:17 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Following up on the recent issues surrounding GameSpy and its inflation of prices for the Mac version of its SDK, Ryan Gordon has updated IcculusFinger with several significant points and possible solutions on the matter. As most readers are aware by now, some future games are dependent on GameSpy for full network play, and the lack of GameSpy support would be a considerable loss for them.

One of the things Gordon points out is that GameSpy cannot simply be removed. He notes that folks have pointed him out to alternate solutions, but that since many PC clients "speak" GameSpy, that an alternate solution wouldn't work unless the PCs also supported it.

He also notes that CD key activation may also become an issue:

Some games use GameSpy for CD key verification. These games are a total loss without the GameSpy SDK, since even if you can get a server list, the server either won't know what to do with you, or will boot you for not providing a "valid" CD key. In these cases, you will _never_ be able to have Mac-to-PC compatibility. Most games I've worked on don't use this piece of GameSpy. Men of Valor does, unfortunately.
Another point he makes is that for the current build of America's Army for the Mac, the current GameSpy issue is the only thing holding it back from release.

As for possible solutions, Gordon points to both long and short term solutions. As for the long term, he theorizes that a small company could step up to the plate, create an alternate networking solution, and gain enough popularity to shunt GameSpy aside. In regards to the short term, he notes that either GameSpy and Mac developers come to some sort of agreement, or that network compatibility will suffer on upcoming titles.

Those interested in seeing his thoughts can find them at the bottom of Icculus.


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Archives  News  Ryan Gordon Speaks Out On GameSpy Mess