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Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Aspyr's Brad Oliver On GameSpy, MacCentral Report
10:41 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Yesterday IMG brought you news of GameSpy's decision to increase the licensing fees for Mac developers for the company's GameSpy SDK. An industry source to IMG said that this was GameSpy's way of getting out of the Mac gaming business quietly.

According to a post by Aspyr's Brad Oliver in the IMG forum today, GameSpy is charging between 2x to 10x more than the amount that a PC publisher wants for rights themselves to any given title.

It's also roughly 50-100x more than the cost to license most other "middleware" libraries. The numbers are so large, it's hard to grasp.
Oliver goes on to detail how hard it would be to find a workaround to GameSpy. Please see the full post, linked below.

In related news, MacCentral's Peter Cohen has written an excellent news item on GameSpy's new pricing tactics.

Here's a clip from the article:

From where Adams sits, the demand for more money seems unreasonable not only because of the economics of Mac game publishing, but also because GameSpy provides little in the way of development or technical support. The GameSpy SDK is largely static code that's managed by the individual game conversion programmers Aspyr has on staff and contracts work to -- GameSpy isn't involved at all.

"They don't do any engineering for this," she told MacCentral. "They basically just have to cash the check. We handle the SDK and get it working in our game. To GameSpy's servers, a Mac client looks just like another PC, and there are fewer Macs playing online than PCs, so the added server load is small."

Readers are strongly encouraged to read the article.

MacCentral: New GameSpy terms threaten Mac to PC online gaming
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Archives  News  Aspyr's Brad Oliver On GameSpy, MacCentral Report