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Friday, November 12, 2004

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Feral: Bionicle Goes Gold, New Commandos 3 Trailer
1:32 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

In another of the weekly Feral Friday updates Feral Interactive has announced that Bionicle, a game based on LEGO's most successful toy of recent years, has reached Gold Master. This game will place players within a fast-paced action adventure world of good versus evil, with a mixture of combat, exploration and puzzle solving.

From Feral's news page:

What’s that iridescent glow coming from a corner of the Feral HQ? Can it truly be the Mask of Light, the one tool known to banish the darkness from Mata Nui? No, superior by far to some mythical mask, it’s the freshly pressed goodness of the Bionicle golden master disc! This can only mean one thing… that within weeks the Toa will be rushing from their island home straight to a Mac near you. Prepare yourselves, young Matorans, be ready for the Boh-rok swarms – the time for combat is at hand!
Along with the good news that Bionicle is ready for the disc burners comes a new trailer from the upcoming Commandos Battle Pack. This trailer shows off the gameplay from the 3rd game in the series and it includes in-game sections from a sniper's point of view.

Here's a blurb from Feral about what the new trailer contains:

Right-o lads, we’ve another new boy joining the squad today, and this chap’s no rapscallion. One Francis T. Wooldridge, a sniper. As he’ll mostly be out of sight, I’m instructing you to watch this film of him at work, recorded whilst smoothing out a prickly assignment. We call him Duke, since he’s from noble stock, though he’s hardly a jolly character – wouldn’t be surprised if you caught pneumonia shaking his hand, what.
A link to Feral's update page with information about Bionicle GM and the new Commandos trailer is available below.

Also, careful readers of Inside Mac Games will notice that a preview of Bionicle was posted today. A link to the article is included below if you're interested in learning more about this LEGO themed game.

Bionicle Goes Gold, New Commandos 3 Trailer
Commandos Battle Pack
IMG Previews Bionicle
Feral Interactive
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Buy Commandos Battle Pack

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