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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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Vendetta In-Progress Report; Creators Profile Posted
7:34 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Guild Software's cabal of programmers have updated their In-Progress Report with big news regarding some of the new features they're working on for their massively multiplayer space strategy title Vendetta Online.

Apart from the standard list of bug fixes, design improvements and ship changes, the developers are working on implementing a new in-game News System into the title. The new system will alert players on the status of the game, as well as with information posted in any of the game's many stations:

...everything from items needed by stations... to the top bounties placed on the heads of dastardly players, to Duel outcomes, privateering information (enemy convoy data), News from the Front, galactic weather and... even user-submitted articles.
Of even greater news, however, is the introduction of a new Mining System, which is expected to be introduced into the game by the middle of the month. The title's new mining system will allow players to accumulate ore of various types through the use of a "Mining Beam", which needs to be fired upon asteroids within a 100 meter radius. The collected ore can in turn either be converted into crafted items, or sold for cold hard cash.

The game's new mining system adds a new dimension to the multiplayer title, and, according to the developer's design details, will allow them to introduce further complexity to the game further down the road.

Elsewhere on the internet, online gaming website Massively Multiplayer Hell has posted a two-page profile of John Bergman, Ray Ratelis, Waylon Brinck, and Andy Sloane, the Milwaukee-based foursome responsible for the creation and development of the recently-released space title.

The interview, which doesn't dig much past the surface in terms of the game's design or esthetics, gives the readers a quick who's who of the title's creators:

MM Hell: What was the first game you played and made you think "I want to do this for a living"?

Waylon Brinck: Hunt the Wumpus, Alpiner, or TI-Invaders, probably. My parents bought a TI-99/4A when I was very young, and I played the accompanying games constantly. The discovery of the built-in basic interpreter is actually what set me on my path. Suddenly the games stored on those little black cartridges lost all of their mystery, and programming became a game in and of itself. (10 print "Waylon", 20 goto 10. What fun!)

Navigate through the links below to read about the game's upcoming new features in greater detail, and to read the creator's profiles in full:

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