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Thursday, November 4, 2004

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Glenda Adams Speaks Out On Mac Doom 3
6:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Further to Wednesday's official announcement from Aspyr Media that they will be bringing id Software's next generation shooter Doom 3 to the Mac, Aspyr's Director of PC and Mac development Glenda Adams has posted several messages to the IMG Forums clarifying misunderstandings and answering questions regarding the upcoming new game.

First off, Glenda has confirmed in one message that the Mac version of the highly anticipated title will support the same render paths as the PC version. To the layman, this means the Mac version of the game will feature the same, cutting-edge visual effects - glass distortion, heat shimmer - as the PC version. Glenda has also confirmed that the game will fully support Mac to PC multiplayer compatibility.

In a separate post, Glenda addresses the controversy that has arisen among some gaming fanatics regarding the title's preliminary system requirements. The latest addition to the Doom franchise, which developer John Carmack and co. started programming over four years ago, features the most advanced gaming engine to hit the personal computer, and as a result runs on only the fastest Windows machines. In her post, Glenda clarifies some of the myths floating around the forums regarding multiprocessor support for games, and explains some of the fundamental differences between gaming performance on Macs versus PCs:

Something everyone needs to understand on Mac game performance is that high end games like this generally start out at a 30-40% slower frame rate right off the top from running on the Mac. There are a variety of reasons for this, from compiler code generation to OpenGL differences between PC and Mac. So for most games it is a HUGE optimization effort to even get the Mac version to run close to as fast as the PC. It's not a fun fact, but it's there. And it's something Aspyr spends an incredible amount of time worrying about and working on for each game.
The Mac version of the revolutionary new title is currently under co-development by id Software and Aspyr Media, and is scheduled to hit store shelves by February of next year. Readers can place pre-orders for the shooter over at the IMG Store; meanwhile, rest assured that the news team here at IMG will keep you informed regarding the progress of the new title.

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