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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Silver Creek Entertainment To Bring Games to OS X
6:01 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Silver Creek Entertainment, a well-established PC game development company, has announced plans to bring its extensive line of card games to the Mac OS. The company has been developing games for the Windows platform since 1994, and pioneered full colour card games with it's premier release, Hardwood Solitaire. Currently, the company has a range of games that include Hardwood Solitaire, Hardwood Euchre, and an upcoming minesweeper game: Dangerous Mines.

The developers has expressed plans to port its card game titles to the Mac OS via the company's website forum. The programmers are currently looking for beta testers for Dangerous Mines, and the new title Hardwood Spades, an online spades games. The beta of Dangerous Mines should be available by the time you read this. From their website:

We are soon going to be releasing many of our games for OS X. We're very excited about this and we need your help to make sure we make the best card games ever for OSX.

All of our current games will be available for Mac OS X: Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Hardwood Euchre, Hardwood Solitaire III, and the upcoming Dangerous Mines.

IMG spoke exclusively to the founder of Silver Creek Entertainment, Jonas Stewart, about the prospects of porting the company's games to OS X.
IMG: What current and future plans do you have for releasing your games on OS X?

Jonas: The first game we have planned is Hardwood Spades, a multiplayer and single player spades game. We're also planning on releasing our next game, Dangerous Mines, on OS X before the Windows version is released. After these betas are complete, we plan to bring our whole range to Mac OS X.

IMG: There are two forum posts in which you are calling for OS X beta testers, could you give me a rundown of current betas?

Jonas: Hardwood Spades is currently in beta, and the beta of Dangerous Mines should be online by the time you read this. We really want to make a good impression when we release both games, so any feedback to help us fix bugs would be great.

To read more about Silver Creek Entertainment's offerings, or participate in either of the beta tests, activate the following links -

Silver Creek Entertainment
Dangerous Mines for OSX Beta
Hardwood Spades for OS X Beta

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