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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Unreal Tournament '99 Revival Proving Frustrating
6:00 AM | Devin Sanera | Comment on this story

Ryan Gordon, the one man programming machine, seems to have run into a wall optimizing a version of UT '99 for OS X. Gordon began working on the Unreal Tournament Preservation Group or UTPG to update the Linux network support in UT '99.

He stated back in March of this year in an IMG interview that

We could probably get huge performance boosts from caching static geometry and using the vertex_array_range extension, etc.
Unfortunately, in his latest update he remarks that:
I spent some time fighting with vertex_array_range. We don't cache static data at all in UT99 at this point.
His brute force workaround actually resulted in a very slight performance hit. His new plan is to focus on CPU optimizing (using Shark) which should pay off with some marginal benefits to performance. Unfortunately for Gordon, the renderer in UT '99 has not aged well and does not perform as well as it could on more modern hardware, thus the focus on CPU optimizations.

Read Gordon's full .plan update through the link below -

UTPG Status (Scroll down to the UTPG heading)
IMG's Chat with Ryan Gordon
Epic Games
Westlake Interactive
Unreal Tournament

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