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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Video Games Get Political
8:26 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

The BBC News website has posted an interesting look at the recent trend of politically-motivated video games.

From online protest marches to promotional soapbox propaganda, a new breed of media professionals are harnessing the power of video games to push their political agenda:

"It's because it's a many-to-many medium, whereas traditional politics is done one-to-many - from Gates to many, from Murdoch to many, from Berlusconi to many and so on," said Alex Foti, from political activist group ChainWorkers.

"It is a way of harnessing the wisdom and vitality of the crowds," he explained to BBC's Click Online programme.

"Social research has proved that groups, when confronted with well-defined problems, show a marked interest in them."

The news report takes a look at a handful of recent, politically-motivated video games, from the capitalism-critical, Tamagotchi-styled Tamatipico, in which players need to keep their workers happy by scheduling regular TV stops between work sessions, to the sombre title Madrid, a remembrance piece commemorating terrorist events in cities around the world.

BBC News: Politically-Motivated Games
Play Madrid
Play Tamatipico (Italian only)

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