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Friday, August 27, 2004

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Blizzard to Hold World of Warcraft Stress Test
7:44 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

To test the capabilities of their beta servers and the account-creation system in the upcoming MMORPG World of Warcraft the developers at Blizzard Entertainment are offering a one week closed stress test in cooperation with the download service FilePlanet. During the test, over 100,000 players will be allowed to log on to the World of Warcraft. The stress test will take place on different servers than the current ongoing closed beta, so current players will not be affected by the test.

From the stress test FAQ:

Once the stress test is over, will I be able to play in the beta?
This sign-up is only for the 7-day stress test. The beta test is completely separate and is taking place on different servers from the ones on which the stress test will be conducted. However, later in the year, Blizzard will hold an open beta test for World of Warcraft, and anyone with an Internet connection is invited to participate. Please do not contact anyone at Blizzard about the open beta test. Blizzard will post an announcement on their Web site when the open beta is ready to go live, so please check there periodically for more information.
The stress test will start shortly after the signups are completed, but there is no date as of when this will be just yet.

To read more about the stress test, and to sign up for an account, head over to FilePlanet. Note that you will need a GameSpy ID to be able to sign up. We have received word from Blizzard that the stress test download will work on both Mac and PC, so hurry over there to sign up.

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Archives  News  Blizzard to Hold World of Warcraft Stress Test