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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blizzard All-Stars Becomes Heroes Of The Storm
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed its upcoming multiplayer online battle arena title is now named Heroes of the Storm. Planned as a free-to-play online game, HotS will feature heroes from the WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises. Originally titled Blizzard DOTA, it was later changed to Blizzard All-Stars before receiving its current name. To announce the change, and poke fun at the name changing, the company has also released an animated video.

For more information check out the page linked below.

Heroes Of The Storm
Blizzard Entertainment
Heroes Of The Storm Video

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Tomb Raider: Underworld 50% Off At Mac Game Store
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive's Tomb Raider: Underworld is now on sale for $19.99 at Mac Game Store, 50% off the regular price. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes for Windows, and originally published by Eidos Interactive, Tomb Raider: Underworld comes to the Mac for the first time under the Feral Legends label.

When Lara Croft uncovers proof that the Norse Underworld is real, she realizes that it contains the answer to a mystery from her own past, a prize worth more than any treasure in the world. She embarks on a quest to find it, and in doing do risks unleashing a force that could lay waste to all civilization.

As Lara, players will experience an astonishing level of physical interaction with a beautiful, unpredictable and treacherous world. From the crystalline waters of coastal Thailand to the rain-lashed jungles of Mexico and on to mysterious sunken edifices deep beneath the Arctic sea, Lara won’t stop until she knows the truth.

With over a thousand motion-captured moves at her disposal, Lara responds deftly to her environment by free-climbing, wall-jumping and using found objects to create new paths. Each level is an epic multi-stage puzzle which players will need to use all their cunning - and Lara’s athletic abilities - to solve.

A platforming game of unparalleled sophistication, Tomb Raider: Underworld gives players control over everything from Lara’s outfits to whether she brandishes lethal weapons or tranquilizers. Lara can now use her grapple to abseil and manipulate vast mechanical devices, while the treasures of the Underworld give her superhuman strength and the power to lay the undead to rest.

Minimum system requirements:

  • 1.8GHz Intel Mac
  • 3.0GB RAM
  • Mac OS 10.6.8 or later
  • 128MB or better graphics card
  • The following cards are NOT supported:
    • ATI X1xxx series
    • NVIDIA 7xxx series
    • Intel GMA series
    • The Intel GMA HD3000 is only supported using Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion
Learn more at the links below, and check out the Mac Game Store specials page for more Mac games at discounts of up to 50%.

Feral Interactive
Tomb Raider: Underworld
Mac Game Store Specials
Buy Tomb Raider: Underworld

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Manage A Nation In Democracy 3
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Democracy 3 from Positech Games is now available for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The latest addition to the turn-based political strategy series once again simulates the motivations, loyalties, and desires of an entire country, challenging the player to run a country while managing voter opinion.

Democracy 3 simulates the motivations, loyalties and desires of everyone in the country. A custom-designed neural network is used to model individual voters, each which varying memberships of voting groups, political parties and pressure groups. Each voters income is modeled, along with their levels of complacency and cynicism. This is the most sophisticated political strategy game ever created.

Despite being vastly detailed under-the-hood, Democracy 3 has a unique user interface that makes visualizing the connections between laws, policies, voters and situations easy. A simple iconic-based view of your countries issues allows you to 'drill-down' through all the relationships between policies and voters to quickly analyze the impacts of your decisions. Your trade policy may affect GDP, which will affect unemployment, which will effect poverty, and thus crime, leading to a change in tourism, which affects GDP...

Each individual voter is a mixture of a subset of the 21 different voter groups represented within the game. They might be a young, wealthy, liberal socialist commuter, or a retired conservative religious capitalist, for example. Not only this, but the extent to which they identify each of those groups is both variable, and can be affected by your policies in the long term. Convert your country to religion, or atheism, to capitalism, or socialism by careful and nuanced adjustment of your policies and laws over time. A 'focus group' feature lets you look at individual voters and see exactly how they came to a decision to vote for you (or not!).


  • Complex economic & political model.
  • Thousand of detailed AI Voters.
  • Unique user interface.
  • Multiple countries to govern.
  • The only true government-simulation game.
  • Hundreds of events, policies and laws to choose from.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • 1 GHz Intel Mac
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 MB HD Space
  • 256 MB VRAM
Democracy 3 is available now for $24.95 (USD).

Positech Games
Democracy 3
Buy Democracy 3

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Island Tribe 3 Available Now At MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Island Tribe 3 from Realore Studios is available for download and purchase now at Mac Game Store. The time management game once again challenges players to help the leader of a tribe keep his people safe and marry his bride.

A wonderful new chapter!

Having made a wish in front of the Altar of Wishes, the settlers find themselves back at their home island again! The great volcano no longer threatens their well-being, bright future lies ahead and the dream of everlasting peace seems to have come true.

New life on the home island brought new feelings along with it. The future leader of the settlers falls in love with one of the girls in the tribe and decides to marry her. The wedding should take place in an ancient temple the doors of which are locked. In order to open them, the islanders have to find the pieces of magic runes scattered all around the island. On top of everything the bride gets stolen by an evil shaman.

Help the future leader of the tribe find his beloved one and open the doors of the ancient temple! Let's make their honey moon dream come true!


  • 4 colorful episodes and bonus levels;
  • Time management and strategy gameplay;
  • Romantic love story;
  • 44 levels full of new features;
  • Rescue the bride!
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Dual Core Intel Mac
Island Tribe 3 is available now for $6.99 (USD).

Island Tribe 3
Buy Island Tribe 3

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Pre-Order Dream Chamber
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Anuman Interactive's Dream Chamber is available for pre-order now at Mac Game Store. The adventure puts players in the role of Charlie, a rich heir who enjoys his private detective hobby. After witnessing a robbery he determines to solve the case, despite the objections of his uncle.

A humorous adventure with a quirky cartoon graphic style
Immerse yourself in 30s America, between Prohibition and the Great Depression, and discover Charlie, a rich heir who divides his time between social obligations and his hobby as a private detective.
During yet another official museum opening, Charlie witnesses a robbery, the victim of which is none other than his own girlfriend. Firmly set on investigating the case despite the reluctance of his uncle, the detective in charge of the inquiry, he unknowingly embarks on what will become the greatest adventure of his life!
Thanks to his unique skill and unrivalled memory, Charlie explores and investigates all the way into his dreams!
In true adventure game style, Dream Chamber will delight the genre’s fans and captivate new players!


  • A unique graphic style!
  • An original game with a brand new scenario
  • Revisit your investigation scenes in your sleep – you might find the answers in your dreams!
  • Solve many different enigmas and puzzles
  • Interrogate the suspects and break their alibis via mini-games
  • A jazzy and humorous atmosphere

  • Voices in English and texts in French, German, Italian and Spanish
    • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
    • Intel Mac
  • Dream Chamber is available now for $9.99 (USD).

    Dream Chamber
    Pre-Order Dream Chamber

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