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Friday, October 18, 2013

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Borderlands 2: TK Baha's Bloody Harvest Coming October 22
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 8 comments

Gearbox Software has announced that TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest, the first of the downloadable Headhunter add-ons for Borderlands 2 will be released on Tuesday, October 22. The Headhunter DLC series will give players adventures revolving around various new bosses and the players' struggles to defeat them and steal their heads to wear as prizes.

TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest, brought to Mac by Aspyr Media, gives gamers the task of gathering pieces of a key capable of granting them access to the Pumpkin Kingpin's pumpkin patch. Once there they can confront the villain in an epic battle to claim his giant pumpkin head. It also features a range of augmented candies which will offer various temporary buffs.

In TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest, you’ll be tasked by the eponymous zombified corpse to discover the pieces of a key that will lead you into the heart of the Pumpkin Kingpin’s pumpkin patch (try saying that 3 times), where you will confront the Kingpin himself in an epic battle to claim his giant pumpkin head as your own.

Oh yeah, and there’s augmented candy all over the place. As you make your way through TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest, candies will drop from enemies and provide all sorts of temporary buffs, ranging from faster movement speed to increased damage and more, so be sure to pay attention to them!

We’re excited about this release, and can’t wait to hear about your adventures with both this and the other Headhunter add-ons in the works. As Krieg would say: “NEVER STOP THE KILLING!! NEVER!!”

These Headhunter add-ons offer additional adventures that set you off on a series of missions in new areas that culminate with you taking down some rather unique bosses and claiming their heads to wear as your prize. They can be played in a single sitting either by yourself, or with friends (though we recommend bringing friends), and are appropriately priced at just USD $2.99 / GBP £2.39 / EUR 2,99 € each.

Learn more at the links below.

TK Baha's Bloody Harvest Announcement
Borderlands 2: TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest
Buy Borderlands 2: TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest

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Examining Shadowrun Returns
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

EGM Now recently posted a new interview with Harebrained Schemes's Jordan Weisman about the company's 2D turn-based RPG, Shadowrun Returns. The game returns players to the Shadowrun universe which features a mixture of cyberpunk tech and high fantasy magic.

Is there anything that didn’t make it into the game that you were really trying to get in or really couldn’t quite get right?

Weisman: Many things. Probably the one that’s the biggest is our save game strategy—that’s something we’ve taken some hits for. As we looked at what we were trying to do, the power and the trigger system could create very, very sophisticated behaviors, but it also meant that the state engine was really disseminated. And so the ability to do instant saves was going to be really, really hard if we wanted to put all that power in the hands of the player—all the level generators and our own internal level generators as well. It’s not that it’s an unconquerable problem, it’s just an unconquerable problem within the time and budget that we had to do both. We chose to go with the content creation power, not the instant saves. Certainly we knew that was a very tough choice at the time, and I still thought we would have made it—giving the power of the creation—but I think we could’ve done a better job of informing people about how the save game works, because the game doesn’t even tell you. It’s a rude surprise.

Read the full interview at the link below.

EGM Now: Shadowrun Returns Interview
Harebrained Schemes
Shadowrun Returns

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Shroud Of The Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Info Update
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Portalarium recently released a new update for the Kickstarter funded fantasy RPG, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. The update includes information about the game's story, combat sigil, druid home, and other details. Offering both multi and single player action, Shroud will feature a classless character system, player housing, a crafting system that avoids busy work, meaningful PvP, and scene based encounters.

"Few know the tales of the dark times, much less what happened before them. Since the great Cataclysm 400 years ago the world has slowly recovered but much was lost…”

- Arabella

Where do we start, when telling a tale? We would start at the beginning, but so much of those days have been lost to us. We can see the fragments of the world that came before all around us; under a hill near a quiet village there might be a ruined building, made of alabaster and marble, speaking quietly of days past and glories lost. Occasionally an inscription can be seen carved in a wall, a fragment in a language similar to ours, yet different enough to be unclear.

The ruins of the world past tell us little, so we turn to myth, prophecies and legends retold. They speak of a cataclysm long ago, when the sky burned and the ground tore itself apart, and the long years afterward, the cold, dark famine. The stones of the past tell little of who survived and how. The legends tell us only that so very few did.

We know a little more of their children, the men and women who rebuilt our world from the shattered past. They were a practical people, those who passed through far more than we can imagine. They left few grand monuments; you could say that their greatest monument was their own survival.

And of their children, we know more. The desire for power and control returned, as it always does, to consume the weak and the strong. Wars were fought then, amongst the ruined cities of their forefathers. New magic came to the world then, as warlords vying for power sought any advantage over each other. New, terrible monsters thought only whispered legends began to walk the earth in those days, serving their purpose in the endless conflict, even if that purpose was only chaos.

And their children understood it could not continue, and united to defend themselves against the warlords and the sorcerers. The city states arose in those days, and we learned that together we could defend ourselves. Yet still the darkness and the chaos pushed at us.

We are still a practical people, traveller. We do not think much about the why, only the how. We are young, after all, and it has not been very long in the shape of things that we have had the luxury to breathe. We are still building our world back to where we can shape our own monuments of alabaster and marble.

Legends and myths tell us little traveller, but they are very specific at times, and those are the times when legends can frighten you. I tell you this, because there is one legend in particular that should interest you. It tells that the world will begin its next cycle, led by a power horrible and great. It is very specific as to the year, traveller. And I think you can guess which year that is foretold.

And that, traveller, is why we fear you…

Head over to the pages below for more information.

Shroud of the Avatar Update
Shroud Of The Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

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Frisbee Fun In Disc Golf 3D
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Nuclear Nova's Disc Golf 3D is available now for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The game gives players the chance to try their hand at Disc Golf, sinking frisbees in metal baskets scattered across a typical course. Disc Golf 3D features realistic flight physics, unique courses, customizable characters, and multiplayer action.

Welcome to Disc Golf 3D, the finest disc golf game on the Mac. Disc Golf is a fast growing sport and can be thought of as golf with a Frisbee, or Frolf. The object is simple, traverse the course in as few throws as possible, finishing each hole by sinking the disc in a metal basket. Avoid natural hazards such as trees, hills, rivers, lakes, and more. Built off of the amazing Nova Golf engine, Disc Golf 3D is sure to keep you entertained and immersed for countless hours. Disc Golf 3D has everything both casual/hardcore gamers and amateur/weekend disc golfer could want.


  • Realistic flight physics – Everyone will enjoy the realism while avid disc golfers will be able to shape every shot using one of many different discs
  • Stunning 3D graphics – Disc Golf 3D adapts to each computer/device for the best image quality while always maintaining a smooth frame-rate
  • Unique courses – Locations from around the world feature distinct styles of both play and appearance. You’ll know if you’re in the Pennsylvania forest, Arizona desert, or on the Scottish coastline
  • Customizable characters – Level up five playing statistics and upgrade equipment while managing each avatar’s wardrobe and physical appearance
  • Career mode – Play as both an amateur and professional and progress by winning the required qualifiers and multi-round tournaments
  • Multiplayer – Challenge up to three of your friends and play at the same time
  • Purchase custom discs upgrades using both virtual currency earned in game or through In-App Purchase
  • High replay value – No hole is the same when varying the white/blue/green tees, four pin locations, and three environmental difficulty settings
  • Custom music made specifically for Disc Golf 3D
  • Best rounds list for each course/difficulty setting
Minimum Requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Intel Mac
  • Intel GMA X3100
Disc Golf 3D is available now for $9.99 (USD).

Disc Golf 3D
Buy Disc Golf 3D

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Double Fine Reveals Early Access For Spacebase DF-9
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Double Fine recently announced that its sci-fi building simulation, Spacebase DF-9, is now available for Steam Early Access. In the game players will construct a space station and struggle to survive the perils of living all alone in the night.

In Spacebase DF-9, you’ll build a home among the stars for a motley population of humans and aliens as they go about their daily lives. Mine asteroids, discover derelicts, and deal with the tribulations of our distant future: meteor impacts! Explosive decompression! Unbearable loneliness!

Spacebase DF-9 is a simulation game in ongoing development at Double Fine Productions. The in-progress Alpha version is available right now on Steam Early Access.

Check out the page below for more information.

Spacebase DF-9
Spacebase Early Access

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