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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tropico 5 In Development
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Kalypso Media has announced that Tropico 5, the next instalment of the city-builder series, is currently in development at Haemimont Studios and is slated for a 2014 release. Kalypso will release Tropico 5 for a variety of platforms including Mac OS X.

You, as El Presidente, will first take control of the infamous island of Tropico during early colonial times and then guide it through the centuries as the world changes and moves ever forward. You must tackle the changing needs of your people, as well as opposing governments and factions, and thus lay the foundations for your own dynasty. As you move through your years in office you can promote members of your extended family on the island to positions of power: such as ambassador, commanding general or even Supreme Ruler, to ensure your legacy thrives through the eras. As your influence and wealth grows, so do the threats to your burgeoning island superpower. Can you survive both World Wars, prosper through the Great Depression, rule as an iron-fisted dictator through the Cold War and advance your country to modern times and beyond? From the 19th to the 21st century, each era carries its own challenges and opportunities.

As well as a wealth of other new features, including advanced trading mechanics, technology, scientific research trees and island exploration, Tropico 5 will add cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players for the first time in the series’ history! Viva El Presidente!

Features of Tropico 5

  • The Eras - From the 19th century to the 21st, each era carries its own challenges and opportunities. Begin your reign during colonial times and advance your nation through the modern era and into the future!
  • The Dynasty – Each member of El Presidente’s extended family is present on the island and may be appointed to key leadership positions, earning skills and experience in their assigned roles.
  • Research and Renovate - Advance your nation by discovering new buildings, technologies and resources. Transform your old buildings into modernized, hyper-efficient designs worthy of an economic superpower!
  • Advanced trade system and trade fleet - Amass a global trade fleet and use your ships to secure import/export trade routes to neighbouring islands and key nations.
  • Explore your island - Discover what lies beyond the fog of war. Send prospectors to look for new mineral and ore deposits, but be wary of hostile animals and native tribes.
  • All new art - All artwork is reworked to provide Tropico 5 with a distinct historic visual identity. Choose from over 100 unique buildings from each of the individual eras.
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer – Up to four players can build up their own cities and economies on any given island map. Players can share resources and citizens, or declare war on each other.
For more information on Tropico 5 visit the website linked below.

Tropico 5
Tropico 5 Teaser Trailer
Buy Tropico 5

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Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium Comes To MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium from Big Fish Games is now available for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The time management game tasks players with helping Bonnie and Johnny Loca as they race to stop a zombie pandemic spreading overseas.

After containing the Great Undead Fever of 1948 across the West, Bonnie and Johnny Loca were ready to retire and take a well-earned vacation. That is, until they discovered that the zombie pandemic had spread overseas! Help them as they race across the continents to uncover the cause. Can you unmask the mastermind behind it all? The Locas really do put the fun back in funeral in Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium, a hilarious Time Management game.


  • Travel to exotic locations!
  • Memorable characters will keep you laughing!
  • Thrilling Match-3 Chase scenes!
  • Collect all the achievements!
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Mac
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 90 MB HD Space
Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium is available now for $9.99 (USD).

Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium
Buy Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium

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Race The Sun Launches
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Flippfly recently announced the launch of its "endless racer" Race the Sun. The game puts players in the cockpit of a solar powered aircraft racing to keep under the rays of the sun. To celebrate the release Flippfly also unveiled a new launch trailer showcasing the game's racing action.

Every day, a new wold of infinite landscapes beckons you forward through treacherous hazards and the devious constructs of player-created realms. In this world of exotic dangers, the only assurances are speed and death.

Race the Sun is the deadly-fast endless racer that challenges the limitations and expectations of the genre, and you can play it today for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The rules are simple: don't crash, rack up points, and keep boosting to keep your solar-powered craft in the ever-sinking rays of the sun. Race the Sun uses a mixture of hand-crafted and procedurally generated stages to provide a unique world every day, and invites users to create and share their own.


  • Endless racer for the hardcore crowd.
  • Inifinite worlds that change daily for continuous challenge.
  • Ridiculously-hard Apocalypse Mode.
  • Tools for world-creation and -sharing.
  • 25 levels of ship upgrades and customizations.
  • Relay sharing. Pass your run off to someone else, or complete others.
A fully independent release and Kickstarter-success, Race the Sun is the first game from the brotherly duo of Flippfly
Read more about Race the Sun at the links below.

Race The Sun
Race The Sun Launch Trailer

The Chaos Engine Revived For Modern Machines
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Mastertronic and Abstraction Games have announced an August 29 release date for The Chaos Engine. Originally developed for the Amiga computer by The Bitmap Brothers, the classic top-down shooter will be available for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs.

“This really feels like the right time to bring back The Chaos Engine” says Mike Montgomery, one of the founding members of The Bitmap Brothers. “There are many fond memories of The Chaos Engine and I wanted to make sure that the game was true to the original without losing its charm during the restoration process. The option to play in the original ‘Classic’ mode with the added option to play in ‘Enhanced mode’ with its refined pixel-perfect finish is a clever way to satisfy all enthusiasts! It feels a completely natural transition to the PC.”

“We grew up with the Amiga and those classic Bitmap games were the inspiration for a lot of us who went on to work in games and development. For many of us, The Chaos Engine was our first taste of co-op and was a platform that incited our love of top down shooters,” says Ralph Egas, CEO of Abstraction Games. “The Chaos Engine holds such fond memories for so many people and it stands the test of time and we were determined to restore the game to its full and amazing pixel-perfect glory, with a couple of cool enhancements!”

Stuart Morton, Executive Producer at Mastertronic says ‘‘The Chaos Engine holds very fond memories for so many people and so many great games have been ruined by bad remakes. We didn’t want to remake it. It is a great game and we found very quickly when we went back and played the original that the gameplay still holds up very well.  A lot of fondly-remembered games are pretty disappointing when you go back and look at them now, but The Chaos Engine still plays beautifully today ."

The early ‘90s top-down shooter has been lovingly restored by Abstraction Games, the team who recently brought Hotline Miami to the PS3 and Vita, in close consultation with Mike Montgomery, one of the founding members of The Bitmap Brothers. Abstraction Games have been entrusted with rebuilding The Bitmap Brothers game from the ground up in its original form, as well as throwing in an alternative mode with a few extra enhancements.

The original version of The Chaos Engine was one of the first games to introduce a skill system in action-adventure games, helping players improve their characters and equip individualized weapons.

Prepare for the dark world of The Chaos Engine, a Victorian age of discovery and technology corrupted by a failed experiment with an early computer - the Chaos Engine.

Choose from six hard-nailed mercenaries, each with their own unique weapons and skills to combat the bizarre monstrosities created by the machine. Those who have the strength and the courage to overturn the Chaos Engine will be remembered.

Battle through four unique worlds in single-player or online and local co-op modes. Play in ‘Enhanced mode’ or ‘Classic mode’ with its original graphics and controls for the true Amiga experience. Steam Achievements will test the mettle of both new players and old fans. This restoration of the classic Amiga shooter includes all the intense gameplay of the original with enhanced graphics, controls and Steam features.

For more information click over to the links below.

The Chaos Engine Teaser Trailer
The Chaos Engine Hands On Trailer
The Chaos Engine
Abstraction Games

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GameBanshee Unveils Eschalon Book II Guide & Review
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameBanshee has announced the release of a new review for Basilisk Games's fantasy RPG Eschalon: Book II, as well as a detailed new website section offering an extensive amount of information about the game. Some of the information offered includes a fully annotated walkthrough, searchable equipment database, detailed location information, and a bestiary.

Here's a snippet from the review:

The character system in Book II works pretty well. With 8 attributes, 5 origins, 5 axioms, 5 classes, and 26 skills, you're given lots of ways to build your character, and, nicely, not every decision is about maximizing damage in combat. You also have to decide things like how much you want to spot traps, whether you want to pick open locks or bash them or melt them, and how much you want to worry about money. As an example, there is a Lore skill that (along with Intelligence) helps you to identify objects. Unlike most RPGs where you just need to identify weapons and armor with magical bonuses, in Book II potentially everything needs to be identified, including silverware and books. So it's certainly more convenient to put points into Lore, but there is also a Lore spell, and you can also pay shopkeepers to identify objects for you, which means the Lore skill is not required. So do you put points into Lore, and how much? It's always good when an RPG forces you to make decisions rather than allowing you to learn everything.
Head over to the links below to read more.

GameBanshee: Eschalon Book II Review
GameBanshee: Eschalon Book II Guide
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book II
Buy Eschalon: Book II

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