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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Race The Sun Brings The Apocalypse August 19
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Flippfly recently announced an August 19 release date for its upcoming "endless racer" Race the Sun. In addition the company also unveiled the Apocalypse game mode in a new trailer. The new mode adds an extra level of challenge to the game for those "most devoutly masochistic." Race the Sun puts players in the cockpit of a solar powered aircraft racing to keep under the rays of the sun.

Bursting through an ever-shifting world of unknown terrain, challenging fate with every second, death is the only certainty in Race the Sun. With the unveiling of Apocalypse - a new mode for the most devoutly masochistic - the end comes even sooner in Flippfly's endless racer.

Race the Sun arrives August 19, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With the latest update, pre-order customers can access the full game immediately, including Apocalypse mode.

Race the Sun is a hyper-kinetic, endless-racer with minimalist style. The rules are simple: don't crash, rack up points, and keep boosting to keep your solar-powered craft in the ever-sinking rays of the sun. Race the Sun uses a mixture of hand-crafted and procedurally generated stages to provide a unique world every day, and invites users to create and share their own.

Read more about Race the Sun at the links below.

Race The Sun
Apocalypse Mode Trailer

2014 Independent Games Festival Accepting Submissions
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Submissions are now officially open for the 2014 Independent Games Festival, to be held for a 16th year during GDC 2014 in San Francisco next March. This directly follows a record-breaking year, which saw nearly 900 entries for the 2013 event, including top prizewinners like FTL: Faster Than Light.

“During the past 16 years, we’ve had the pleasure of recognizing some of best talent in the independent games community and look forward to continuing that tradition with IGF 2014,” said IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer. “Each year, the games of the IGF have upped the ante in truly innovative ways, creating unique entertainment experiences that can only be told through the medium of games. We are very excited to see what this year’s competitors have in store.”

The deadlines for the Main and Student Showcase categories for the 16th IGF are October 19 and October 31, 2013 respectively, with finalists announced in January 2014. Finalists’ games will once again be playable at the packed IGF Pavilion on the Game Developers Conference 2014 Expo Floor, and will compete for nearly $60,000 in prizes.
These plaudits include the Excellence in Visual Art, Audio, Design, and Narrative Awards, which will have an expanded amount of six finalists each, with the winner getting $3,000 in each category. There will also be an expanded six finalists for the $30,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.
This year also sees the return of the Best Student Game award, with eight finalists ($3,000 prize), and the special Nuovo Award ($5,000, eight finalists) will again honor ‘abstract, shortform, and unconventional’ games. Finally, the IGF Audience Award ($3,000) will be decided by a public vote from all of the Main Competition finalists.

The Independent Games Festival is the longest-running and highest profile independent video game festival, summit and showcase.  It has served as a springboard for several games that have gone on to become critical and cultural hits. Previous IGF prize winners from the past 16 years include Spelunky, Fez, Minecraft, Limbo, World of Goo, Braid, Castle Crashers, Everyday Shooter and many more of the game industry’s breakthrough independent titles.

Winners will be announced on stage at the high-profile Independent Games Festival Awards on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, with the IGF Pavilion open from March 19-21, and the sister Independent Games Summit event taking place on March 17 and 18.

The Independent Games Festival is a part of the 2014 Game Developers Conference, which will be held from March 17 - March 21, 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  IGF continues to be the largest annual gathering of independent video game developers, showcasing top talent across the industry and keeping a pulse on the future of independent games.

Submissions to the competition are now open to all independent game developers; important dates for IGF 2014 are as follows:

  • August 8, 2013 - Submissions are Open

  • October 19, 2013 - Submission Deadline, Main Competition

  • October 31, 2013 - Submission Deadline, Student Competition

  • January 7, 2014 - Finalists Announced, Main Competition

  • January 13, 2014 - Finalists Announced, Student Competition

  • March 17 - March 21, 2014 - Game Developers Conference 2014

  • March 17 - March 18, 2014 - Independent Games Summit @ GDC 2014

  • March 19 - March 21, 2014 - IGF Pavilion @ GDC 2014

  • March 19, 2014 - IGF Awards Ceremony (Winners Announced!)
For a complete list of information on the 2014 Independent Games Festival, including submission specifics and frequently asked questions, visit the official Independent Games Festival website at the link below.

2014 Independent Games Festival

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Pre-Order Prohibition 1930
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Mac Game Store has added Anuman Interactive's Prohibition 1930 to its list of games available for pre-order. The action shooter puts players in the role of William Hall, a detective seeking vengeance for the assassination of his family. To succeed in his quest to wipe out the mob player will have to engage in shootouts with a wide variety of enemies.

Come head to head with the Chicago mafia in this explosive game!

Take on the role of William Hall, a tenacious and incorruptible detective who is determined to avenge his family's assassination!

Embark upon a terrible vendetta and wipe out every member of the mob covering up Vincent Parrizi's escape. Make your way through vast environments to the rhythm of frenetic shootouts, and slow down time to rack up headshots! Will you try to gather clues in order to arrest the godfather or will you kill him in revenge?

No outlaw should be able to escape from you, but try to spare the hostages!


  • Adrenaline-fuelled shootouts
  • Tons of devastating weapons
  • A wide variety of enemies
  • Your choices affect the plot
  • Dozens of trophies!
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 3 GHz Intel Mac
  • 2 GB RAM
Prohibition 1930 is available to pre-order now for $9.99 (USD). It will be released on September 12.

Prohibition 1930
Buy Prohibition 1930

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Mac Gamer HQ Reviews Civilization V: Brave New World
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac Gamer HQ has posted a new review of Aspyr Media's Civilization V: Brave New World. The second expansion pack for Civilization V introduces international trade and a renewed focus on culture and diplomacy in addition to nine new civilizations, eight new wonders, two new scenarios, four new gameplay systems and dozens of new units, buildings and improvements.

Let’s get this out of the way: Civilization V is a great game, but one thing keeps it from being amazing: the end game is boring. This may upset you but the truth is, excitement wears off quickly during a Civ V match. Once you reach the modern times, all you have to do is wait and see if the strategy you chose early on will work.

Well, Brave New World is the game’s finest Expansion so far. Why? Because it solves this issue and gives you the end-game fun and excitement Civilization V deserved. How? They delivered on their promised and completely overhaul 3 key elements of Civ V’s gameplay: Trade, Culture and Diplomacy.

Read more at the page listed below.

Mac Gamer HQ: Civ V Brave New World Review
Firaxis Games
Aspyr Media
Civilization V: Brave New World
Buy Civilization V: Brave New World

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Timelines: Assault On America First Trailer & Screens
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

Strategy First and 4 Flash Entertainment have released the first screenshots and gameplay video for their upcoming new WWII real time strategy title which asks the question "What if The AXIS POWERS INVADED THE U.S.A.?" Timelines: Assault On America takes place during a two front Axis invasion of the United States culminating in a battle for Washington D.C.

July 20, 1942, Berlin, Germany,

The United States' Office of Strategic Services (OSS) take advantage of information provided to them by the underground German resistance against the Third Reich. The OSS launch operation 'Wolf's Head' where top marksmen hide among a rally given in honor of Adolf Hitler.

Thousands of onlookers salute and cheer as the blue Mercedes convertible carrying the Third Reich leader makes its way through the downtown Berlin rally. Guns shots are heard and the crowd screams. In a panic several German officers run towards the convertible. There they see Adolf Hitler with two bullets in the head. One man shouts out 'He is dead!'

July 21, 1942, Thousands of Germans are arrested and interrogated by enraged German Leaders. The German army learn of Operation 'Wolf's Head' and decide to abandon plansof invading Russia. The Germans convince their Axis ally Japan to launch a two front invasionof the United States of America. Germany will attack from the East while Japan will invade on the West.The United States Army must defend their country from the Assault On America.

TimeLines : Assault On America FEATURES:

  • 12 missions culminating in the battle for Washington D.C.
  • 4 player co-op multiplayer: choose between 9 playable countries USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, German, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia
  • Multiplayer modes include, Player versus Player and Player vs A.I.
  • Cross Platform multiplayer PC/Mac/LINUX
  • 20 unit types per nation upgradeable for all infantry and vehicles (200 usable upgrades)Tanks, Trucks, Commander Vehicles, stationary guns, and much more
  • Defensive tactics include minefield planting, stationary turrets, and anti-tank assault
  • Airstrike capabilities for offensive special attacks
  • Learning AI that adjusts to the player’s skill level
  • Delayed orders allowing for multiple commands to be followed in unison
  • Elevated terrains allowing for multiple strategic tactics
For more information about the game click over to the links below.

Timelines Gameplay Trailer
Timelines Screenshots
TimeLines: Assault On America
Buy TimeLines: Assault On America

Mac Games News for Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camel101 Unveils Black Talons Kickstarter6:00 AM
S2 Games Announces Strife6:00 AM
Shadowrun Returns, A Successful Kickstart6:00 AM
Wasteland 1 To Get Early Re-Release6:00 AM
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