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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Nikola Tesla Joins Second Chance Heroes Team
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Independent developer Rocket City Studios recently announced a new addition to its upcoming debut video game, Second Chance Heroes. Nikola Tesla will join the eclectic cast of player characters in the game. The action title gives players the chance to take the role of one of 12 unique warriors cloned from the DNA of famous historical figures like Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln, battling hordes of aliens, robots, and undead bent on destroying the world. Players can join forces with up to three other players to smash their enemies.

Nikola Tesla

Brilliant engineer and inventor, best known for developing Alternating Current electricity. His only hobbies were collecting mustache wax and yodeling.

Tesla uses powerful electrical weaponry to fry his enemies from a distance using a mix of electrical beams and a powerful "stun grenade" he can plant on the ground.


    Assault and Batteries

    Tesla fires a powerful bolt of electricity at his enemies, careful frying them to a crisp. Hits a primary target, then arcs off to strike two nearby monsters.

      Who Ya Gonna Call?

      Tesla deploys a ground-targeted gadget that stuns nearby monsters. Then - like all good inventions - it EXPLODES. Nearby allies are also briefly EMPOWERED with electrical energy!

Check out the site below for more about the game.

Nikola Tesla Bio
Second Chance Heroes

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Skyward Collapse Comes To MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Arcen Games' Skyward Collapse is now available for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The unique strategy title puts players in the role of The Creator, free to populate the floating continent of Luminith with gods, creatures, and artifacts from both Norse and Greek mythology. To succeed they must keep the Greeks and Norsemen alive and fighting until the end.

How do you balance - and indeed encourage - a war between factions without letting either side obliterate the other? How do you rule over gods, creatures, and men who refuse to obey you? How do you build a landscape of villages when bandits and mythology are conspiring to tear it down? Skyward Collapse places you into the role of The Creator, and frees you to tackle these problems your own way. Brought to you by the developer of the modern strategy classic AI War: Fleet Command, Arcen's second full strategy title is equally unique (but far easier to learn): a turn-based 4x strategic god-game.

Your task is to build and populate the floating continent of Luminith. You create - but cannot control - gods, creatures, and artifacts from both Greek and Norse mythology. The power you wield with these is immense: Heimdall's horn causes everyone outdoors to drop dead, for crying out loud. Your task is to keep both factions alive and fighting until The Master calls you home - but this is harder than it sounds. Bandit Keeps pop up periodically, as do Woes such as floods, serial killers, guild strikes, and vegetarian uprisings. Every game plays out differently, and you'll need even the craziest of your powers in order to survive what lies in store for you.


  • A turn-based strategic god-game where you control neither faction, but instead strive to maintain the balance of power.
  • Make towns and war as the boardgame-like floating continent continues to construct itself around you.
  • Persuade your minions into doing what you want by controlling the circumstances of their (brief) lives.
  • 16 gods, each with unique passive abilities and three active powers, help you further your goals as you pass into the Age of Monsters.
  • Level up your player profile by winning games. Twelve unlockable buildings in all!
  • Straightforward controls paired with an intuitive and helpful interface make this an easy title to pick up... but the strategy runs deep.
  • Multiple difficulty levels let you play a very relaxed game up to a nail-bitingly difficult one. There's no one best way to win!
  • Co-op multiplayer for up to 8 players.
    Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 300 MB HD Space
  • Resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide
Skyward Collapse is avaiable now for $4.99 (USD).

Skyward Collapse
Buy Skyward Collapse

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GoD Factory: Wingmen - Kickstarting A Space Combat Sim
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Nine Dots Studio recently informed us of its Kickstarter campaign to fund GoD Factory: Wingmen. The multiplayer space combat simulator give players the chance to engage in competitive 4v4 space combat in ships they construct themselves from a variety of parts. A Mac version of the game is planned, although it may not release simultaneously with the Windows PC version.

What is GoD Factory: Wingmen?

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space combat game in which the player works with a team of up to three other players to destroy the opponent’s Carrier while defending their own.

Before joining online matches, the player assembles two gunships by individually selecting the twelve parts that compose each ship. These parts are bought from the game's shop using Credits earned by playing games online. Once in-game, the players must destroy different key areas of the enemy Carrier to incapacitate it and ultimately destroy it. Destroying a Carrier part gives penalties to the enemy team, and each broken part inflicts a different penalty. The key to victory will be to work as a team and many weapons and abilities will have secondary uses that can only be triggered by joining up with other players. A game should last about 15 minutes on average and can't stretch beyond 25 minutes. The game will be playable both in third person, to see your ship you've built, or from inside the cockpit, for greater immersion.
Vote for us on Greenlight!Vote for us on Greenlight!

This is primarily a PC game, but we're very open to the possibility of bringing the game to consoles if the opportunity arises. We will also have a Mac version, but it might not be available at launch. Linux is also a possibility, but no promise as of yet. Anyhow, you'll be happy to know that this game is not hardware intensive, so if you have a decent PC, even if it's a few years old, it should be able to run the game. We are working hard to make GoD Factory:Wingmen accessible to lots of people can play this game, without sacrificing the beauty of the visuals. We're already able to run the game quite decently on 5 years old laptops, so we're pretty confident that we'll be supporting a wide range of PCs.

Key features:

  • Many different gunship classes and parts to choose from;
  • Build 2 gunships and lend the one you're not using to your teammates or keep it for later;
  • Different weapons and abilities are amplified by cooperating with your allies;
  • Destroy the enemy Carrier part by part, taking away its abilities progressively;
  • Complex weapon attributes provide a wide array of strategies to experiment.
A good game isn't just a set of features however, it's an experience, and it has to be approached like one. We're orienting ourselves on four key aspects of the experience that we'd like to deliver:
(Taken straight from the Game Design Document!)


The player wants to feel that he's doing his own thing. He's crafting a ship that fits his preferences, he works on making a play style and strategy of his own. He wants to build his squad by joining like-minded players. Everything must come with a sense of ownership.


We need to convey a sense of mobility to the player. He must be picturing himself moving into a 3D space with both skill and freedom, the ability to go wherever he feels like. The movement of the ship and the camera must give to players the reflex to tilt their heads to follow their ship's motion. They want to feel “there”.


Any player wants to feel like he's playing an important part in his team. In order to do so, we must reward every actions done as a group and make sure that victory is achieved when everyone acts toward a common goal. In order to convince the player to be a team player, he must feel the presence of his allies in the fight.


An aspect that will hook our players is the strong sense of progression when playing the game. Not only will his ships become better as he plays, but learning the complex systems and the meta-game will always give him something more to learn. One reason to keep playing is that you always get better.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that was immensely successful here on Kickstarter. VR replaces your vision by the environment of the game by placing monitors in front of each eye. Motion tracking and stereoscopic 3D make this even more convincing.

Oculus Rift is not ideal for every game because it completely replaces your vision. For a game with a character that moves and jumps, it can feel a bit awkward as the player is sitting in a chair. However the experience from GoD: Wingmen is within a cockpit, creating the perfect environment for simulation.

It is our intent to support the Oculus Rift for GoD Factory and we hope that we'll be ready on time for launch.

Learn more about the Kickstarter at the link below.

GoD Factory: Wingmen Kickstarter
Nine Dot Studio

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New Map For Lux Delux
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Sillysoft Games has announced the release of a new world map for Lux Delux. The new world map, titled 4th Edition, features more maps, countries, and connections. Lux Delux is a Risk inspired strategy game challenging players to take over the world, and features both single and multiplayer warfare.

A new world map for the 21st century. More countries, more continents, more connections...oh my!

This world map, inspired by the beloved Classic map, has been optimized for a Biohazard start. Continent sizes and inter-continent connections have been designed to preserve income and pathing options, even with extreme Biohazard enabled.

Head over to the site below for more information.

Lux Delux 4th Edition Map
Lux Delux
Buy Lux Delux

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