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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Cities In Motions: Paris Released
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Paradox Interactive recently released the Paris expansion for its mass public transportation simulator, Cities in Motion. The new add-on introduces the French city to the game, a new campaign with three scenarios, and four all new vehicles.

Cities in Motion: Paris is an expansion for city-based mass transportation Mac-simulation game Cities in Motion.

Welcome to Paris, the City of Lights! With its many iconic landmarks, cultural centers and Old Europe architecture, Paris draws more visitors than any other city in the world. Along with its population of over 12 million people, Paris requires a vast and efficient transportation network capable of serving one of Europe’s largest urban environments.

The Seine River cuts through Paris, offering opportunities for waterbus routes while presenting a challenge to those looking to cross its banks. Paris’ many narrow streets and unique topography will put your urban-planning skills to test.


  • Four all-new vehicles to use in any city
  • A large map with many new buildings in Parisian style
  • A new campaign with three scenarios offers thrilling challenges
Cities In Motion: Paris is available now for $4.99 (USD).

If you don't yet own Cities in Motion check out Macgamestore's current sale offering Cities in Motion and the Cities in Motion Collection at a 65% discount.

Paradox Interactive
Cities In Motion: Paris
Cities In Motion Collection
Cities In Motion
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MacGameCast 21: Brad Cook Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 9 comments

The MacGameCast podcast team has released a new interview episode. This time the crew spoke with Brad Cook about a variety of topics including his time at Apple, the new Kickstarter craze, and the effort to balance the roles of game reviewer and game developer.

What's in this episode:

It's another interview episode! Brad Cook joins us to talk about his awesome times at Apple, theories on why gaming isn't important to them, his thoughts on Kickstarter and how to balance being a game reviewer and a game developer. Frank talks about his upcoming game and the good and bad of Kickstarter gets discussed.
Check out the new podcast at the link below.

MacGameCast 21

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The Walking Dead Episode 1 Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story recently posted a new review of The Walking Dead: Episode One from Telltale Games. The game adaptation of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series is a five part episodic adventure horror game that will follow the struggles of survivors attempting to live in a world filled with undead.

From the review:

The Walking Dead Episode 1 brilliantly succeeds at capturing everything that makes the graphic novels and the TV show compelling. The characters are complex. The excellent voice acting is aided by facial animations that, although a bit stiff and awkward, still do a good job of conveying the hidden, subtle complexities bubbling underneath each character.

Where the game may arguably fall a bit short—at least for some—is in its gameplay. The game is pretty short, for starters, and you can finish it in around 2 hours or less. This seems a little bit short for an episode even by Telltale standards. More importantly, during those two hours you’ll spend as much time listening to and watching the story play out as you will actually interacting with the game (solving puzzles, talking to characters, etc.).
Read more at the page below. The Walking Dead Ep 1 Review
Telltale Games
The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day
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Wasteland 2 To Use Unity Engine
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

In recent Twitter posts inXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo has announced that Wasteland 2 will be developed using the Unity game engine. A sequel to the classic post-apocalyptic RPG of the 80's, Wasteland 2 will be a top down, turn-based, tactical RPG that the developers promise will "stay true to its roots."

I can officially announce that we've chosen the Unity engine for Wasteland 2. It meets all the criteria we need. First screens looking good. Although we are using Unity this is not an in browser game but an executable file. It's hard to beat the crowd sourced community of Unity.
Learn more about the game at the site below.

Wasteland 2
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