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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dynamic Quests For Drox Operative
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Soldak Entertainment has published a new blog about features in the upcoming Drox Operative starship action RPG. The post details some of the types of dynamic quests the game will feature. Drox Operative will put players in the role of an elite starship captain and will feature warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic and evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer.

Races: The different alien races are scouting, colonizing, and warring with each other to conquer the current sector of the galaxy. They might ask for something simply like scouting a planet for them or they might ask for something pretty drastic like attacking another race that they at war with.

Economy: With a real economy in place you might be asked to bring some food to a starving planet, deliver some minerals from a rich to a poor planet, or even break a planetary blockade.

Monsters: We have a few "monster" races in the game that pretty much don't like anyone and cause problems for everyone. They can cause wars, attack planets or entire systems, fling asteroids at planets, and can even wield doomsday devices to do really nasty things like cause a star to go super nova. You will frequently be asked to destroy the instigators or if it gets too far clean up the mess before it gets even worse.

Environment: Even the environment seems like it is out to destroy everything. There are asteroids, killer plants, plagues, mutants, volcanoes, and even civil wars.

Head over to the page below to read more.

Soldak Entertainment
Drox Operative
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Orczz Invades MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story has added Camel 101's Orczz to its list of digital download titles available for purchase. In the tower defense title players take the role of defender of the kingdom of Whiteleaf, securing the land's mead from a thieving Orc horde.

Orczz, a tower defense game set in the fantasy-themed Kingdom of Whiteleaf.

For centuries, the kingdom of Whiteleaf has been famous for its mead – the delicious honey wine. So delicious is the mead that wars have started because of it. Join the Knight Order of the Mug and protect Whiteleaf from the invading Orc hordes in the upcoming tower-defense game!

Orczz is now available for $9.95 (USD).

Buy Orczz

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OIO Comes To
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Uncanny Games' new side-scrolling platform adventure, OIO is now available for purchase from Based on concepts from mythology and fairy tales, the game puts players in the role of a small wooden man awakened from petrified sleep. The game features 12 scrolling levels to explore, a mystery to solve, and a variety of puzzles to solve.

OIO is a platformer game where you have to grow wood elements to solve various puzzles and situations.

The player controls OIO, a little wooden character, who can grow wooden beams by throwing special seeds on fertile grounds. As he wakes up in a strange universe made of wood, OIO finds that all his wooden companions are petrified.

Being left alone in this gigantic place, he will embark for a journey that will help him understand what happened to his people.

He will retrace the history of the wood civilization and how the steel changed everything in the run to more power and technology.

To understand why he is now alone, OIO progress through various levels and environments.

OIO’s power can be used in different ways, mixing classic platform gameplay and puzzle situations.He is able to combine up to three wooden beams at the same time.

He will use them to climb cliffs, jump higher, solve puzzles and control the fire propagation.

Features:A new approach of classic platformer with an original and fresh core gameplay: grow up to three wooden beams and combine them to progress.

  • Get on a memorable journey through a wooden made universe to unveil the darkness surrounding the world.
  • Solve puzzles with a variety of resolutions.
  • Control the fire propagation along the beams.
  • Deep exploration of the levels rewarded by revealing the past of this strange universe.
  • A unique handmade-like art style.
  • 12 levels across various environments from the underground to the top of a gigantic construction.
  • A final confrontation for the sake of your people.
  • OIO is available now for $9.95 (USD).

    Buy OIO

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    World Of Warcraft 4.3 Patch: Fangs Of Father Previewed
    6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

    Blizzard Entertainment has posted some new information about the upcoming 4.3 patch for the fantasy MMO, World of Warcraft. This time the company unveiled Fangs of the Father, a new three stage legendary rogue adventure which focuses on the traditional skills of the class.

    Patch 4.3 will offer the most deadly and experienced rogues the opportunity to finally play a central role in the fate of the world the rogue’s way: by manipulating key events from the shadows. Players will travel across continents to accomplish crucial missions of reconnaissance, burglary, infiltration and, of course, assassination. Those familiar with the events that unfolded in the Badlands since the Cataclysm struck may recall the story of Rheastrasza, the ambitious red dragon who acquired a black dragon egg and magically purified it, cleansing it of the Black Dragonflight’s corruption. While those events may lead to a more hopeful destiny for Azeroth, it will take cleverness, stealth, skill, and the help of a few friends to unravel the web of intrigue that will reveal what became of the egg… and determine the fate of Deathwing himself.
    Check out the page below to read more.

    WoW Blog: Fangs Of The Father
    Blizzard Entertainment
    World of Warcraft
    Buy World of Warcraft

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