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Monday, May 2, 2011

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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords Now Available At MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The digital download version of Aspyr Media's Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords is now available for purchase from Macgamestore. The expansion focuses on great military leaders form history, offering eight scenarios and powerful new warlord units.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Warlords is the first expansion pack for the Firaxis Games’ award-winning title, Civilization IV. Paying homage to some of history’s greatest military leaders, the expansion delivers eight unique and interesting scenarios, giving players the chance to change the course of history with the help of their new powerful “warlord” unit. Civilization IV: Warlords includes new civilizations, leaders, units, and wonders that offer even more fun and exciting ways for players to expand their civilization’s military power as they strive for world domination.


  • Warlords - A new great person type called the Warlord will be an indispensable asset to any player bent on world domination.
  • Vassal States - You no longer need to obliterate an enemy to defeat them. Conquer your enemies and subjugate them to your rule.
  • Game Scenarios - The expansion will deliver eight new historical scenarios spanning Alexander's conquests through Genghis Khan's dominance of Asia, in addition to other scenarios that challenge the way that you currently play the game.
  • New Civilizations - Six new civilizations will be included, giving you even more options when planning your domination of the world.
  • Civilization Leaders - Ten new leaders will be provided, including leaders for the new civilizations as well as additional leaders for existing civilizations.
  • Leader Traits - In addition to the many existing leader traits in Civilization IV, two new leader traits accompany the expansion.
  • New Wonders - There will be three new awe-inspiring wonders, all contributing new benefits and culture to your civilization.
  • Unique Buildings - Players will now be able to construct buildings unique to each civilization.
  • Units, Resources, & Improvements - Many new items not available in the core game will be introduced in the new scenarios.
  • Core Game Tweaks and Additions - Expanded features and gameplay tweaks will be made to the core game.
Civilization IV: Warlords is available for $19.95 (USD). It requires Civilization IV to play.

Aspyr Media
Civilization IV: Warlords
Buy Civilization IV: Warlords

BlizzCast Episode 16 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has released the sixteenth BlizzCast, a series of podcasts created by Blizzard's Community Team and focusing on the company's current and future game offerings. Number sixteen centers on World of Warcraft's 4.2 content patch.

Welcome to BlizzCast 16! We’re excited to present the first-ever video BlizzCast, now in beautiful full-motion 2D! (Don't forget to wear your 2D glasses.) We’ve also jam-packed this episode with juicy information on World of Warcraft patch 4.2. Rob sits down with Game Director Tom Chilton to find out what the patch is all about, Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak lays out info on the new Firelands quest hub, and Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton spits and flows on Ragnaros and the upcoming raid content.
Head over to the link below for more information.

BlizzCast Episode 16
Blizzard Entertainment

Valve Officially Announces Portal 2 DLC
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Valve has announced the first game add-on for Portal 2 is in development and targeted for release this summer. The additional content for the action puzzler will be offered free of charge and will feature new test chambers, leaderboards, and a challenge mode for both single and multiplayer modes.

Portal 2 DLC #1 will offer new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more.
Targeted for release this summer, Portal 2 DLC #1 will be offered free of charge for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3.
Portal 2 was released April 19 and currently holds a Metacritic score of 95%, making it the top rated multiplatform game of 2011. Portal also captured the number 1 chart position in the UK, Germany, and the Nordic countries during its first week of availability, making it the fastest-selling Valve release since Half-Life 2.
A hilariously mind-bending adventure that challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a funhouse of diabolical science, Portal 2 features expansive single and cooperative multiplayer game modes.
Learn more at the website below.

Valve Software
Portal 2
Buy Portal 2

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EVE Online Support Division Discussed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Massively has posted a new interview with EVE Online's former Lead GM, Guard. Currently serving as EVE's Community Developer, Guard discussed CCP Games' support division and its relationship with players of the massively multiplayer sci-fi game.

It's an inherent part of MMO development that certain employees must take on a very visible role in the game's online community. This is especially true in EVE Online as developers are encouraged to communicate with players through the forum and write detailed devblogs on what they're working on. In that sense, GM Guard needs very little introduction. Along with GM Grimmi and others, Guard has been a very public face for GMs in the community for as long as I can remember. While Guard has made huge contributions to EVE behind the scenes as a lead GM, he's probably most well-known for his role in CCP's internal band Permaband. He has now moved on from the GM team to become EVE's new Community Developer.
Head over to the link below to read more.

Massively: EVE Online Q&A
CCP Games
EVE Online

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