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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Feral Interactive's Mini Ninjas Digital Download Available
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The digital download version of Feral Interactive's Mini Ninjas is now available for purchase from Developed by Io Interactive, Mini Ninjas follows the young ninja, Hiro and his friends as they travel through spellbound lands to do battle with a magical army of animals-turned-samurai.

In Mini Ninjas you play at first as Hiro—the last and best hope of the ninjas. Hiro’s been sent on a quest to defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord, whose otherworldly armies are wreaking havoc across the empire. As you journey with Hiro through lush landscapes and creepy castles you’ll find your missing ninja comrades, taking control of them and their unique skills in the battle to restore the balance of nature.

Key Features:
  • Six playable ninja characters
    Players can switch easily between any one of the six incredibly cute ninjas, each with different skills, weapons and moves.
  • Epic open-ended level design
    While Mini Ninjas is organised into linear stages, the environments are lush with a wide open feel and plenty of encouragement for players to explore very nook and cranny of a beautifully imagined world.
  • Control the animals of the forest
    Throughout their quest the Mini Ninjas encounter a number of different animals from chickens to foxes, frogs, raccoons, and bears. Players may use Kuji magic to possess these animals and use their abilities in the fight against the Evil Samurai Warlord.
  • Superb style
    Mini Ninjas evokes a magical Japan with a simple, but charming visual style and authentic music – the overall design comes across as a labour of love that has produced an approachable and enjoyable game.

    Minimum Requirements:
    • Processor: 1.4Ghz
    • RAM: 1GB
    • Graphics: 128MB VRAM
    • OS: 10.5.8
    • Hard Disk: 5GB
    • Optical Drive: DVD
    • Devices: Multi-button Mouse
      The game does not support Intel GMA integrated video chipsets (older Mac minis and MacBooks), but does run on GeForce 9400M graphics cards or better.
    Recommended Requirements:
    • Processor: 2.4Ghz
    • RAM: 3GB
    • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
    • OS: 10.6.3
    • Hard Disk: 5GB
    • Optical Drive: DVD
    • Devices: Multi-button Mouse
Mini Ninjas is availalbe for $29.95 USD. Follow the links below for more information.

Feral Interactive
Mini Ninjas
Buy Mini Ninjas

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