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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Two Worlds II Delayed Until Early 2011 For North America
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

SouthPeak recently announced that the North American version of Reality Pump's Two Worlds II RPG will be delayed from its October release date until January 2011. The delay is intended to give the designers more time to polish the game so that the North American launch will offer an "absolutely flawless" product.

Two Worlds II will send players to the unexplored land of Eastern Antaloor and will feature detailed graphics, an active combat system, and a complex storyline.

There have been numerous posts recently regarding the release date of Two Worlds II. First of all, itís gratifying to see that so many people care so much about the game and we thank you for your enthusiasm and passion. Itís definitely a game that weíre proud to publish; Reality Pump is on the verge of delivering a benchmark RPG experience.

Hereís the vital news: Two Worlds II is set for a January release in North America. We understand that this is not great news for those of you eager for an October release and we can understand that you might feel that our European cousinsí potentially getting the game before you is frustrating to say the least. However, thereís a reason for everything and although we feel that the game is truly at ĎAAAí level, that reason is that we want Two Worlds II to be absolutely flawless when it launches in the North American market. Although we could bring the game to market earlier in order to take advantage of the holiday buying season, we felt that we would do a better service to you by making sure that the game you want is absolutely as it should be. Itís vital to us that we always give you the best possible information and this is the reason that we havenít commented on the date before now; we did not want to say something to you, only to have that information change once again. Now, we are in a position to confirm the January release date.

For those that have said that they will torrent or import the game because they simply cannot wait, thereís nothing that we can do to stop you. However, please remember that by pirating the game, you are hurting those who worked hard to make the game for you, reducing the chance of another game in the future. By importing the game, youíre paying more money for something that if you can wait, youíll be able to buy in January at a cheaper price and that will have benefitted from heavyweight Quality Assurance (QA) for the North American market.

Weíll have a further update for our friends in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

We are continually grateful for your understanding, patience and continued support.
Follow the links below to learn more.

Two Worlds II
SouthPeak Games
Buy Two Worlds II

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Cataclysm's 'Immersion And Lore'
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

World of Warcraft Insider has posted a new preview article based on a beta version of Blizzard's upcoming Cataclysm expansion for the popular World of Warcraft MMO. Topics covered include information about quests, artwork, cutscenes, and zone design.

Cataclysm will allow players to adventure as two new playable races, bring their characters to level 85, take on challenging quests and dungeons in all-new zones, and experience dramatic changes to familiar aspects of the game in the wake of a world-shattering disaster.

It's easy to lose sight of it in the continuous debate over talent balance and DPS passes and tanking difficulty and how healing will shake out, but it's impossible to ignore just how much work and craft have gone into the questing, cutscenes, art and zone design for this expansion. Cataclysm is as massive an expansion as The Burning Crusade and Wrath put together. Almost every original zone in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms has been redesigned to some extent. Some have been so heavily redesigned they resemble the old zones only in name, while others are still familiar but have definitely been given a new slant. There's absolutely no way around the changes. If you've been playing for years or if you just started in Wrath, I expect you'll find something new to explore very quickly the next time you roll an alt.
The article includes some spoilers about the expansion. Check out the link below to learn more.

Immersion And Lore In Cataclysm
Blizzard Entertainment
World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Appletell recently posted a new review of The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena from Virtual Programming. The game features the Riddick movie character in two adventures: the Assault on Dark Athena campaign and an enhanced version of the original Escape from Butcher Bay. Appletell gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

From the review:

the combat is quite effective when you get into it. This is one of the few first-person shooters Iíve played where the weapon and melee combat elements actually made sense together. It helps that the hand-to-hand combat is well done and quite fun to engage in. You use this not only to defeat your enemy, but to steal his weapon and such. And youíll need to do that, because picking up a weapon off the ground doesnít always work. Weapons are DNA coded, if I remember correctly, so they only work for the person meant to use them until you work your way around it.

As with most stealth-based games, success is rarely determined by how good you are at the kill. Instead, youíll be using your environment to get from point A to point B; hang from the ceiling, crawl through duct work, that kind of thing. And when you canít get through by sneaking around, comandeer a mech or drone warrior.
Read the full article at the link below.

Appletell: Chronicles Of Riddick Review
Virtual Programming
The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena

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The Building Blocks Of LEGO Universe
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra has posted a new in-depth interview with LEGO Universe creative director Ryan Seabury about the upcoming game. Seabury discussed a variety of topics including the challenge of allowing players to build their own creations, keeping the game kid friendly, the pros and cons of a subscription based payment model.

In this in-depth interview, Ryan Seabury, creative director of LEGO Universe

There's a lot of building that happens in this game. Is it complicated to manage all this creation on servers, in instances, and what other players see?
RS: Yeah, there's a huge amount of technical magic that's happening in the background to make this feasible. We thought about rendering LEGO bricks in real time, but they're complicated, actually; people think they're just blocks, and they should be easy, but the level of detail with all the studs and the details on the other side... LEGO is uncompromising about how those need to look.

As a comparison, a two by eight LEGO plate brick, a very simple brick, is about twice the polygons of say, a World of Warcraft avatar. You can see as people build on their properties and stuff, there are hundreds if not thousands of bricks in a scene, so we built a ton of tech to optimize that on the client side and also there's a whole rendering farm technology, 3D surfaces cluster on the server side.

When you build a model, it gets uploaded to that, it starts optimizing it, doing all this material surfacing on it, removing hidden surfaces, doing all this magic on it to make it run on everybody else's computer, and that comes back down the wire to everybody else. That's happening basically in real time.

You can have your best friends in there, playing with the stuff as you're building it. As you're putting it together, the physics are dynamically generated and everything. It's really cool; it's the culmination of a lot of years of work to get to that point, but now it's all online.
Visit the site below to read the full article.

Gamasutra: LEGO Universe Interview
LEGO Universe
Buy LEGO Universe

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