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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Dragon Age: Origins Coming To Macs December 21
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 30 comments

BioWare and TransGaming have announced plans to release Dragon Age: Origins for the Mac on December 21.  The critically acclaimed, dark fantasy epic will be available to Mac Players as a digital download where they can choose between the Standard or Digital Deluxe version.

The Digital Deluxe version will feature additional content including:  a collection of wallpapers, in-game bonus items, the game’s soundtrack and the Warden’s Keep additional content.  Warden’s Keep provides players with a new dungeon-exploring adventure, new loot including a set of ancient Grey Warden armor, a chance to gain two of six mysterious new abilities, a new base complete with merchants and a party chest to store their hard-earned items. 

“We are very excited to bring this award-winning title to the Mac community” commented Vikas Gupta, President and CEO of TransGaming. "Our Cider technology allows us to rapidly enable and deploy high quality titles like Dragon Age, and we are pleased to be delivering this exceptional caliber of gaming to the ever growing Mac gaming community."

Each version of Dragon Age: Origins for the Mac will also include The Stone Prisoner and the Blood Dragon Armor.  The Stone Prisoner gives players access to new environments, items, hours of additional gameplay and the mighty stone golem, Shale who can become one of the most powerful party members in the game. In addition, players will receive the Blood Dragon Armor, a set of themed armor that gives players additional protection in combat and will be available for use in both Dragon Age: Origins on the Mac and in Mass Effect™ 2 on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PC. 

In Dragon Age: Origins, players take on the role of a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians. Now, as an evil blight threatens to destroy all life, it is up to players to unite the shattered lands and slay the corrupted dragon known as the Archdemon. To restore peace, players must make ruthless decisions and be willing to sacrifice their friends and loved ones for the greater good of mankind. Whether you're a new or veteran gamer, Dragon Age: Origins reinvents the fantasy experience, combining a great story with raw emotion and brutal action.
Minimum System Requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.6.2 Leopard or higher
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 or greater
  • At least 17GB of hard drive space for installation
  • This game will not run on PowerPC(G3/G4/G5)based Mac systems or Intel GMA class of video card
The Standard and Digital Deluxe versions of Dragon Age: Origins are available now for pre-order. Follow the links below for more information.

Dragon Age: Origins

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Two Worlds II: Combat System, Magic Elements, Swamp Preview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump recently released a new Two Worlds II newsletter. The tenth edition of the newsletter includes information about the game's combat system, storyline lore, a description of the elements which power magic, and a look at the Antaloorian Swamp. Two Worlds II will send players to the unexplored land of Eastern Antaloor and will feature detailed graphics, an active combat system, and a complex storyline.

In a very informative interview,studio boss Mirek Dymek crosses swords with us (literally!) and gives us some interesting new nuggets of info about the new and more complex combat system.

AP:A flexible and extremely versatile combat system plays a major role in Role Playing Games, How did you approach this important action feature in "Two worlds II"?
Mirek: We integrated a totally new basic structure for the fights, one that has little or nothing in common with the game’s predecessor and introduces some major improvements.
The most obvious changes are of course active parrying and realistic animated graphics for every move - but the real revolution took place in the background. We have teased amazing new possibilities out of GRACE technology and as a result every combat in Antaloor is now richly diversified - and above all challenging!

AP:Can you tell us more about this?
Mirek:During combat, a wide range of various aspects interact with one another, creating a realistic overall picture. Included among these aspects is the fact that the AI of the NPCs is able to remember being attacked by the player! So if the player always uses the same standard attacks, he'll score fewer and fewer hits, since his opponent is constantly adapting his style to counteract what the player's doing. On the other hand, if the player uses all the different moves that are available to him, constantly changing his style, he'll score lots of hits. We've also integrated spectacular finishing moves and shield attacks.

AP: How about the weapons?
Mirek: Weapons? We've a whole truckload! Swords, daggers, bows, axes, lances and much more... everything a true fighter's heart could desire! And for each kind of weapon we naturally have a matching combat style. For example, the player can use a one-handed weapon plus a shield, two weapons at the same time, or a flaming torch and a one-handed weapon. Each combination has certain advantages and disadvantages, which in turn affect gameplay. And last but not least, daggers can also be used for assassinations in dark corners!
Visit the link below to read the latest newsletter and learn more about the upcoming game.

Two Worlds II Newsletter
Two Worlds II
Buy Two Worlds II

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BOH Holiday Sale Expanded
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Independent developer Simone Bevilacqua has announced a change to the holiday sale for BOH. Those who purchase the boxed version of the game between now and January 6th will only be charged the digital download price. The retro action game of exploration challenges players to travel through trap filled corridors, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies as they quest to find and defeat the Evil Masters. BOH features 25 missions and 5 difficulty levels.

A week after the beginning of The Christmas BOH Under The Tree offer, given the requests received from less lucky countries, given the way sales have increased and given the fact that EDITEL snc wants more and more customers to be able to enjoy the full, physical product, the offer is pushed even further: the price of the boxed version of BOH is set to exactly that of the digital version - a shockingly low EUR 7.50! - and who bought the digital version will be entitled to receive the physical package at home by paying just the postal expenses!
Getting BOH has never been and will never be so convenient: hurry up, the offer will last only until January 6, 2010!
For more information follow the link below.


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Brukkon Released With $300 Score Challenge
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

93-interactive has announced the release of its new puzzle title, Brukkon. In the game players take the role of a little robot in search of spare parts. To succeed they must move platforms and steer the robot through the game's more than 30 levels. To celebrate the company is offering $300 to the player "who first had the best score on January 1st, 2010 at 00:00:00 o'clock EST in Brukkon level 27."

93-interactive announces the release of its new
cross platform puzzle game Brukkon with a chance to win $300.

Brukkon is a 3D puzzle game where the player has to guide a little robot
to its spare parts by moving platforms and steering the robot. The game
has 30 challenging levels and online high scores. It is available for
Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. A iPhone version will follow.
Head over to the page below to learn more.


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Feral Newsletter Features BioShock And The Movies
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive recently unveiled a new monthly newsletter focusing on its catalog of games brought to Mac. The debut edition includes discussion of the recently released BioShock and The Movies: Superstar Edition, a special discount for newsletter subscribers, a few tips for mastering BioShock, and a hint that January will offer news of Rome: Total War.

Greetings! This is our first newsletter, so we’d like to start by saying a big hello to you and all the other members of the group we are officially calling "recipients of the Feral Newsletter." We’re sending it out to everyone who has previously registered on our website, or bought from our web store and indicated they would be interested in receiving updates from us. Every month we’ll let you know about our latest Mac game releases, offer tips and tricks for our current titles, and report the rest of the news from Feral’s floating headquarters (currently tethered illegally to the Tower of London). You’ll also find a special offer for our web store, exclusively for recipients of the Feral newsletter.

Top Tips for BioShock:
We promised hints at the beginning of the newsletter, so here are a couple to get you started. If you use the Incinerate plasmid and manage to set a Splicer on fire, chances are they’ll head to water as fast as they can. Switch to Electrobolt, fire lightning at the water, and the problem will be solved faster than you can say "toaster."

Later in the game you’ll pick up a camera which you can use to take photos of security turrets, Splicers, and the rest of your many enemies in Rapture. Take a particularly good photo (close up, well-framed) and you’ll begin to understand their weaknesses, possibly earning yourself a bonus: dealing increased damage to a particular type of Splicer, or picking up some of their abilities.

That’s All Folks:
That’s about it for this month’s edition of the Feral newsletter! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next month with news from the armies of an ancient empire...
Check out Feral's website at the link below for more information about the company's current and future game offerings.

Feral Interactive
The Movies: Superstar Edition
Buy BioShock
Buy The Movies: Superstar Edition

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