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Friday, November 6, 2009

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Insectoid Now Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

ActionSoft has announced the release of Insectoid, its new Galaga-inspired space shooter. In development for over two years, this game is now available for download and purchase. Insectoid includes over 50 levels, four unique ships, a variety of enemies, and three difficulty modes.

Insectoid is for anyone who grew up playing classic arcade shooters such as Galaga in the 80's. Featuring fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing gameplay, over 50 unique levels, four custom ships, stunning high-res graphics that look great even on a 30" display, and a professional musical score, Insectoid is a retro shooter fan's dream come true. Three finely tuned difficulty levels ensure anyone, from novice gamer to expert, can enjoy the game.

Collect power-ups and use special weapons, including split ship, laser beam, fireball, and a shield, as you fight back swarms of angry insects. Advance behind enemy lines and try to catch the enemy off-guard as you aide human forces in galactic war.

  • MacOS X 10.4 or newer or Windows 7, XP or Vista
  • 1.2 GHz processor or faster (1.8 GHz recommended)
  • 160 MB free RAM
  • Univeral Binary runs on both Intel and G4/G5 Macs
Insectoid is free to try, and costs $19.95 to unlock the entire game.


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Grappling Hook 50% Off This Weekend
11:32 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

SpeedRunGames today announced that Grappling Hook for Mac OS X and Windows is 50% off this weekend. Grappling Hook is a first-person action puzzle / platform game, where you use a grappling hook to overcome various challenging obstacles by performing "incredible moves and fast combinations of daring tricks." The game features 30 animated levels, 30 achievements, and 240 challenges.

Grappling Hook is an innovative first-person action puzzle / platform game. You use the Grappling Hook as a mighty high-tech tool to overcome various challenging obstacles by performing incredible moves and fast combinations of daring tricks. The dynamic and surprising levels open opportunities to use the Grappling Hook in unique ways never seen before in a game. Making your way through the levels requires both skill and creativity, while the increasing difficulty pushes you to become a real master of the Grappling Hook.

  • Perform daring moves and tricks with the Grappling Hook.
  • Solve challenging gameplay and action puzzles.
  • Beat 22 dynamic, animated, and unique levels.
  • Earn 30 cool achievements and master 176 challenges.
System Requirements:
  • 2.0 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM
  • Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X700
  • Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce 9600/ ATI Radeon HD 2600/ better
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or better
A free 5-level demo is available at the website. The game is available at the price of just $9.99 until Monday, cut from its regular price of $19.95.

Grappling Hook

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Journeyman Project 3: Legacy Of Time For Mac OS X Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 18 comments

Presto has released The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time 10th Anniversary DVD edition for Mac OS X. JP3 continues the classic adventure story of the Temporal Security Agency and Agent Five. The enhanced version combines the contents of the original four CDs onto one DVD, and features completely remastered graphics and cinematics.

The Journeyman Projectģ 3 finally comes to modern Macs, including Intel processors!

Say goodbye to disk swapping - the original four CD-ROMs now fit on one convenient DVD-ROM disc. With no interruptions in the flow of gameplay to swap discs, the player stays immersed in the compelling story. All the graphics and cinematics have also been completely remastered (see the feature list below), to take full advantage of DVD capabilities for greatly improved video and sound.

10th Anniversary DVD Enhancement Features
Just using the DVD-ROM as a big CD-ROM wasn't enough! The 'Enhanced' version also takes advantage of the higher data-rate and storage capabilities of DVD.
  • Easy drag-and-drop installation: game application can even be launched directly from the DVD-ROM.
  • Fast performance with support for modern Macs containing PowerPC or Intel processors.
  • Over half an hour of cinematic movies with double the video playback resolution of the original CD-ROM.
  • Specially remastered spherical VR graphics featuring sharper detail and brighter colors.
  • All gameplay animation sequences have been upgraded to play back with twice the original detail.

10th Anniversary DVD System Requirements
Minimum Requirements: (Mac OS X only)
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
    (10.6 requires Rosetta, a free update from Apple)
  • QuickTime 7 or later
    (QuickTime 7.6 and 7.6.1 users will need to upgrade to 7.6.2 or later)
  • PowerPC or Intel processor
  • 640x480 display with thousands of colors or better
  • DVD-ROM drive
The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time 10th Anniversary DVD edition is available for $14.99. Head over to the links below for more information about the game.

Presto Studios
Legacy of Time
Buy Legacy of Time

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First Din's Curse Screenshots Unveiled
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Soldak Entertainment has unveiled a set of three screenshots for its upcoming action rpg, Din's Curse. The images provide the first glimpse of the game and come with descriptions of the creatures and areas depicted. Iron Tower Studio has also released a new Q&A with Soldak's Steven Peeler about the game's progress and features.

From Iron Tower Studio:

The game promises traditional "explore dungeons and slay monsters" action, which requires no explanation. It also promises uprisings to quell, back-stabbing traitors to flush, instigating renegades to kill, and wars to end, which requires a thorough explanation with numerous examples.
Ok, Iíll use your examples.

Uprisings are usually a symptom of some other problem (a boss, a war, etc), but can be dangerous by themselves. I mean really, what do you expect to happen when you have a large gathering of Orcs? Sooner or later they are going to declare war on the Torvas, raid the town, find a leader to make themselves even more dangerous, or do something else to occupy their time.

Not all NPCs are who they say they are. Some random person in town might ask you to find a valuable item from the dungeon. Most of the time they are good natured people as you would expect that simply arenít hero material and arenít going to go wandering into a dungeon full of monsters. Sometimes they will betray you though, for example, by sending you into an ambush. The good news, assuming you live, is that human towns tend to deal harshly with traitors. They often send heroes to kill them (and pay well).

Another example of betrayal is you are asked to bring back a valuable item, the NPC turns renegade, and uses that very item against you or the town. If not dealt with, they might persuade more people into turning renegade or even pay groups of monsters to attack the town.

As for wars, wars can be good and bad. A war against the town is obviously bad and needs to be dealt with quickly, but what about a war between monsters? Do you care about the Furies and Chaos Lords warring with each other? If a way to stop the war comes about will you take it? If it looks like there are negotiations to end the war, will you kill the negotiators to keep the war raging on?

These types of things, the dynamic world, and your choices actually mattering, all intertwine a lot.
Click over to the links below to check out the new screenshots and read the rest of the interview.

Soldak Entertainment: Din's Curse First Screens
Iron Tower Studio: Din's Curse Interview
Soldak Entertainment
Din's Curse
Buy Din's Curse

Flyghty Reaches Version 1.0
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Nostalgic Software has released Version 1.0 of Flyghty for Macs. The simple 2D flight simulator has evolved to include both land and ocean environments with a choice of Civilian and Military options. The sim allows players to practice a variety of maneuvers including take offs, cruising, loops, and dogfights with enemy planes.

Use the Civilian options to practice takeoffs, landings, cruising, inversion, loops, stalls, dives, head/tail winds, up/down drafts, and fog. Also, various failures like engine-out or stuck-elevator can be challenging.

The Military options include an aircraft carrier, battleships, and machine-gun dogfights with enemy planes. Only the tough survive and score well.

Control is via keyboard, mouse, track pad and (soon) joystick. Choose between native versions for Intel Macs or PowerPC Macs.
Visit site below for more information.

Nostalgic Software

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