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Thursday, September 17, 2009

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City Of Heroes Issue 16 Launch Brings Powers Customization
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

NCsoft and Paragon Studios have announced the launch of Issue 16: Power Spectrum for the comic book inspired massively multiplayer online game, City of Heroes. The central focus of the update is Powers Customization, the most player-requested feature since the game’s launch.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver yet another major player-requested feature with Power Spectrum,” said Matt Miller, Senior Lead Designer for the City of Heroes franchise. “We aim to build the most customizable gameplay experience in any MMO for our players. Adding Powers Customization to our genre-defining character creator, as well as user-generated content through Mission Architect, shows we are willing and able to give our players what they want.”

Powers Customization and other features launched in its five-year history, including the revolutionary Mission Architect user-generated content system, make City of Heroes the most flexible and customizable MMO available today.

Powers Customization enables players to customize the look of the powers their in-game hero and villain avatars use by allowing them to specify the color and hues of the powers’ special effects. In addition, Issue 16: Power Spectrum reveals major refinements to the game’s lauded character creator to allow players unprecedented levels of personal customization options in an easy to navigate interface. Other features in this update include more difficulty options, allowing players to tailor their combat experience for each play session; more powersets available to more archetypes and enhancements to the game’s Side-Kicking system, dubbed “Super Side-kicking,” which enables new players to fight alongside veteran players and hold their own.
Issue 16: Power Spectrum is free to current City of Heroes subscribers and available now. For more information about City of Heroes follow the links below.

City of Heroes
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Torchlight: Player Character Fact Sheet
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Runic Games has revealed a character class fact sheet for its upcoming action-RPG, Torchlight. The information update features a brief description of the game's three playable classes. Torchlight will give players the chance to choose a character and venture from the safety of the town of Torchlight into randomly generated dungeon levels. Once inside they will find a variety of monsters, a large selection of loot to find, and quests to complete.

The Destroyer
An endless wanderer, who is drawn to conflict with his dual-welding blades, was led to Torchlight after hearing of the evils befallen it. Through channeling the power of his ancestors, the Destroyer excels at close-quarter combat and is able to smite his foes with such ferocity as to easily dispatch multiple enemies at once. With a strong sense of virtue, the Destroyer sets out to deal justice with his blades, but things may not be as simple in Torchlight as they appear.

With a darkness rising to cloud the Destroyer’s judgment, only time will tell whether or not the draw of Ember will tempt his soul into corruption.

The Vanquisher
Part of an ancient order dedicated to justice and bringing balance to the world, the Vanquisher was sent out to Torchlight to investigate the mysterious slayings and missing town folks. Unknown to her, the darkness below the small town of Torchlight runs far deeper than the mines beneath. As an expert marksman, the Vanquisher is able to take enemies from afar as well as use traps to confuse and deliberate her foes from all directions.

The flow of Ember and the darkness below will test the Vanquisher’s skill and conviction to the fullest.

The Alchemist
Drawn to the power of Ember as a cornerstone of his magical art, the Alchemist came to Torchlight for his own ends. Being the largest cache of Ember ever found, the temptation may lead the Alchemist never being able to break free of its influence and ultimately to his downfall. The power of Ember is beyond imagining, but the price is very high.

By channeling the power of Ember, the Alchemist is able to dispatch enemies from afar as well as summon minions to his aid.

Read more at the GameBanshee page below.

GameBanshee: Torchlight Character Class Facts
Runic Games
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Screens
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Worthplaying has posted a new collection of screenshots from Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, a new action title coming to Mac courtesy of Aspyr Media and LucasArts.

Developed and published in North America by Aspyr, the title combines the original Star Wars The Force Unleashed videogame with three new levels set in iconic Star Wars locales and a host of new costumes and character models. This special edition of the game will show players "the deepest, darkest side of the Force in a story that puts them on a collision course with Luke Skywalker himself."

Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition combines the original Star Wars The Force Unleashed videogame with three new levels set in iconic Star Wars locales and a host of new costumes and character models. This special edition of the game will show players the deepest, darkest side of the Force in a story that puts them on a collision course with Luke Skywalker himself.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed completely re-imagines the scope and scale of the Force and casts players as Darth Vader’s “Secret Apprentice,” unveiling new revelations about the Star Wars galaxy seen through the eyes of this mysterious new character, who is armed with unprecedented powers. Originally released on multiple platforms in September 2008, the game quickly became the fastest-selling Star Wars game ever, and has since sold six million units worldwide.

Additional added content includes new costumes for the Secret Apprentice and new character models that allow gamers to play as one of many legendary Star Wars characters including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Jango Fett and C-3PO.
Head over to the page below to check out the new screenshots.

Worthplaying: SW The Force Unleashed Screens
Aspyr Media
Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
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Zuma's Revenge! Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

The Hachiko has published a new review of PopCap Games' recently released Zuma's Revenge! In Zuma players take the role of a fearless ball-shooting frog, exploring ancient temples and ruins. By firing colored spheres into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more, the frog blasts his way through a series of arcade challenges. The sequel brings players to an all-new setting, the Polynesian paradise of Zhaka Mu.

What I find myself enjoying most about Zuma's Revenge is how PopCap took the original formula, managed to expand upon it, and yet have the game still retain the feel of the original game. When PopCap adds a new mechanic, it doesn't feel like a complete revolution, but rather the next likely step in the evolution of the series. For instance, in the original game your frog was basically stuck in the center of the board the whole game, but here movement is switched up. Your frog will still spend a good amount of time right in the middle of a board, but now he'll also be stuck in farther corners, making long shots more difficult. The frog is also given actually movement, as certain levels allow you to slide the frog on a horizontal or vertical line, while others make you flip between two lilypads in order to get the best shot possible at a grouping of balls. The new movement levels aren't just a nice break from the standard stationary ones, but are a unique entity and offer up a new challenge that makes you think in subtly different ways.

Another excellent addition to the series is the idea of boss battles, which are incorporated into the game in a remarkable way that still uses the basic formula of the game. The idea is that you deal damage to bosses by spitting balls at them or causing environmental reactions based on objects along the ball line. A few enemies are as easy as making a gap big enough to spit a ball through enough times to destroy an enemy, but others require more thinking, such as first using an explosion to eliminate part of a boss' shield, and then trying to fire a shot between the gap in the forcefield. The boss battles are really clever and each one is refreshing and a welcomed enhanced challenge.

While the bulk of the game is the Adventure Mode, there is a lot more for players to partake in once that is finished. First up you'll find the Challenge Mode, which features 70 different challenges for you to tackle. You've also got the Iron Frog, which is a gauntlet of challenges you must complete consecutively or else fail. Finally there is the Heroic Frog Mode, which takes the same levels from the Adventure Mode and tweaks them so they're harder than they were before.
Visit the site below to read the full review.

The Hachiko: Zuma's Revenge! Review
Zuma's Revenge!
PopCap Games

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IMG Reviews Lemure
6:00 AM | Marcus Albers | 3 comments

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the puzzle game Lemure from UK publishers Virtual Programming. This update to the classic puzzler Lemmings has the player controlling a group of hapless lemurs in the hopes of getting them all safely home. Here's an excerpt from the review:

Gameplay wise, Lemure and Lemmings are almost exactly the same. They both have the same tools, plus or minus one or two, they both involve controlling the stream of small creatures towards an exit, and they both require a certain number of those creatures to survive in the journey. The concept is still just as fun after all these years.

Lemure adds a few new tools to use, though, like cement bags, rocket launchers, spinning lemmings, different angles for digging, and jumping. The levels are designed almost entirely to take advantage of the new tools, so you'll probably get used to using them in a level or two. They do spice up the old formula a little bit, although it's extremely obvious when to use them (particularly so for the cement bags).

Follow the link below to read the full review.

IMG Review: Lemure
Virtual Programming
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